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Feedback from Sky

Guest Simon

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I received a reply from a comment i sent to sky about them deciding to show Royal Rumble on Box Office, and i thought it was worth posting.....


My comment:

"I must say, i am greatly dissapointed that the event will be on

Box Office. As an ITV digital user i am unable to even have the choice of

whether to purchase the event or not, although i doubt that i would, as I

pay enough for my Digital television service as it is. I dont expect sky to

change its mind, but it is very dissapointing for the many fans who cant a)

get box office or b) cant really afford it.


And most of the people who asked sky to step in and buy the event probably

fall into that category.


I dont know the financial details or whatever, but im assuming that it

really wouldnt have caused sky any financial trouble to put the event on one

of the Sky Sports channels."




Their reply:

Dear Simon


Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies for the delay in



I was concerned to read of your dissatisfaction with the scheduling of Royal

Rumble on Sky Box Office. Please allow me to explain our position.


Due to huge public demand Sky Box Office have stepped in at the last minute

to bring one of the main World Wrestling Federation flagship events, 'Royal

Rumble', direct from the USA to British and Irish viewers. This is separate

from Sky Sports' current contract with the World Wrestling Federation to

show 8 of the 'live' events.


I very much hope that I have clarified our position in this matter and may I

wish you continued enjoyment of Sky."


Angela Hart

Viewer Relations




Now im thinking thats good news, cause we are at least guaranteed one year of free PPVS. So bla to those Americans who enjoyed hearing about the Box Office news.


Hopefully this will have cleared up the question of whether Sky are gonna put the other PPVS on Box Office.....rest easy?

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Ahahahh my bad...i just noticed what it said at the bottom of the email


"Information in this email is confidential and may be privileged.

It is intended for the addressee only. If you have received it in error,

please notify the sender immediately and delete it from your system.

You should not otherwise copy it, retransmit it or use or disclose its

contents to anyone.

Thank you for your co-operation."


Aahaha ah well bla. :)

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Well arent Sky *cough* nasty? (im assumin you cant swear on these forums)


I just assumed cause nobody else posted one that people hadnt bothered to send Sky their hate mail. I suppose im glad i was wrong :)


Just tryin to be helpful eh.

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