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Guest Perfection

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Guest Perfection

Seeing as a few of the last posts have sort of fitted in this area, i thought of doing this, instead of asking just about every question about each other. :)


Heres mine, i expect replies :)


Real Name: Peter Richards

Height: 5, 0

Weight: 106 lb(:D)

Sibling(s) 1 Sister called Tamsin who is 6

Age: 14

Date Of Birth: 01 12 1987

Place Of Birth: Mickleover Hosptial, Derby.

Favorite Band: Green Day

Least Favorite Band: Slipknot

Favorite Wrestler(s): Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio Jnr

Least Favorite Wrestler(s) The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy


Add anything else about you if i missed anything :)

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Guest Latino Reheat

Real Name: Adam Cheesman

Height: 6, 0

Weight: 214 lb approx

Sibling(s) 2 sisters, Sophie (15) and Savannah (7)

Age: 17

Place Of Birth: West Green hospital, Crawley.

Favorite Band: KMFDM

Least Favorite Band: Slipknot

Favorite Wrestler(s): Chris Benoit, HHH

Least Favorite Wrestler(s) Jeff Hardy

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Real Name: Chris Robinson

Height: 5, 11

Weight: 290lbs roid beast ;)

Sibling(s) Sister - Cathy (19) Brother - Mervyn (22)

Age: 16

Date Of Birth: 16/5/85

Place Of Birth: Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital

Favorite Band: U2

Least Favorite Band: Slipknot

Favorite Wrestler(s): Tajiri Benoit CIMA Dragon Kid

Least Favorite Wrestler(s) Nash Hall Taker Hogan Bossman Big Show Gedo and any one who's name is spelt with a z insted of an s.

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Real Name: Mark Wright

Height: 5, 8

Weight: 117lbs (Im a light heavy :) )

Sibling(s) none

Age: 20

Date Of Birth: 10/07/1981

Place Of Birth: Gloucester

Favorite Band: Spunge

Least Favorite Band: Slipknot

Favorite Wrestler(s): RVD, Balls Mahoney, Tazz

Least Favorite Wrestler(s) Rock, Jeff Hardy, Lita

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Guest TsuMirren

Real Name: Kenny Morrison BSc

Height: 6ft 5

Weight: Around the 13 stone mark, couldn't care less really

Sibling(s): Gayle and Andy, both younger

Age: 29 (Remember the Labour Govt before the current one)

Date Of Birth: 06/01/73

Place Of Birth: Paisley RAH

Favorite Band: Manic Street Preachers

Least Favorite Band: Waaaaaaaay too many to mention

Favorite Wrestler(s): Chris Benoit, Steve Austin, Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada, Tajiri

Least Favorite Wrestler(s): GBH from BRAWL, Billy Gunn (very poor workrate), Nash and Hall

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Guest The Crippler

Real Name: William Lovell

Height: 6ft 3

Weight: 12st 7lbs

Siblings: One sister, Carly, who is 15

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 25/01/84

Favourite Bands: U2, Oasis, Manic Street Preachers

Favourite Wrestler: Chris Benoit

Least Favourite Wrestler: X-Pac

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Guest Jess O Mac

Name: Jess Shields

Age: 18

DOB: 22.08.1983

Height: 5ft 7

Siblings: Older Brother 21, Younger step brother 12

Place Of Birth: Greenwich

Lives: Portsmouth

Favorite Band: Green Day

Least Favorite Band: Slipknot

Favorite Wrestler: RVD, Chris Benoit, HHH, Jericho and Guess Who? SHANE...except he isn't really a wrestler..Oh well!

Least Favorite Wrestler: Taker

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Name: Nicole Carroll


d.o.b: 13/11/88

height: around 5 foot 4

siblings:older half brother 20, younger sister 11, younger brother 8

place of birth:worcester


favourite band: greenday/ash

least favourite: slipknot, korn

fav wrestlers: hhh, angle, edge, rvd

least fave:billy gunn, chuck palumbo, undertaker

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Guest The Vulcanized One

Name: Joseph O'Sullivan


Date of Birth:10/11/87

Height:5 foot 6/7

Siblings:only child. HA!

Place of birth:Leyton (same hospital as David Beckham)

Lives:Greenford (near Wembley)

Favourite Band: Dont have one

Least favourite band: Slipknot, Alkaline Trio, So Solid Crew and boybands

Fave Wrestlers : Y2J,Benoit,Test,Christian,HHH, D Lo brown, Val Venis

Least favourite: Nash,Hall,Hogan,Ultimate WOYAH!, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Lita.

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Name: Craig Russell

Age: 18

DOB: 25.08.1983

Height: 6"2

Siblings: Younger Brother, 13

Place Of Birth: Falkirk Royal Infirmary

Lives: Linlithgow, Edinburgh

Favorite Band: AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Metallica and er...*cough* The Beatles *cough*.

Least Favorite Band: Slipknot, any pop music, Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit

Favorite Wrestler: Yoshihiro Tajiri, Shannon Moore, Rhino, Taz, Lance Storm, Chris Benoit, CIMA, Dragon Kid, Billy "Highlight" Reil, TAKA Michinoku and D-Lo Brown.

Least Favorite Wrestler: Billy Gunn, Lita, Jeff Hardy, New Jack.

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Guest Dean Douglas

Real Name: Some of you know it, I'm not repeating myself

Age: Over 8, under 32

DOB: ?/?/??

Place of Birth: A hospital in the south of England

Lives: Somewhere inside the UK

Height: Over 1", under 7"

Weight: Over 90lbs, under 300lbs

Siblings: None

Notable Traits: Very secretive

Favourite Band(s): Metallica, Deep Purple, The Eagles

Least Favourite Band(s): Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Korn

Favourite Wrestler(s): Shane Douglas, Chris Benoit

Least Favourite Wrestler(s): Too many to list

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