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What cd is in your cdplayer at the moment?

Guest Nicole

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I got my ash cd, creed cd and tough enough soundtrack, which is really cool, buti play my ash one the most Edited by Nicole
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Guest Latino Reheat

Someone'll move it.


I have a CD I made myself full of MP3's, and it's sits in my DVD player not CD player.

Its got loads of songs on it from KMDFM "Ultra" to Creed "My sacrifice", from Men without hats "Safety dance" to The proclaimers "Get Ready". I've got about 50 on there.

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Guest Johnny Richter

I got one of those 5 CD dealio's, here's what i got at the mo :


ICP - Forgotten Freshness 3

Cypress Hill - Skull and Bones

Kottonmouth Kings - High Society

Manic Street Preachers - Gold Against the Soul

Various - Hits of the 80's


nice variety i think :)



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Guest TsuMirren

The Canadian version of The Holy Bible by the Manic Street Preachers.


Also had King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime by Faith No More on for the first time in a good while. Plus, Substance by Jov Division...(talk about an ironic band name if ever there was one)

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Actually, there is no CD in my CD player at the moment because I took it out a little whioe ago to play on my CD Rom drive. :)


Lol, well I was just listening to it anyway. It's - "What Hits!?" which is a greatest hits album released by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who else?) I actually listened to a bit of Nirvana the other day and The Verve last week as well. Wow, I'm getting dangerously close to listening to more than one band's albums, lol, surely not...

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D12 Devils Night, Outkast Stankonia, Gins N Roses Appetite for Destruction, Blink 182 Take off you Pants and Jacket, Usher 8701 and Uncle Kracker Double Wide all get plenty of playing on my CD player
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