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Professional Wrestling

If celebrities could be wrestlers....

Dead Crow

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Imagine if movie stars, sports personalities or music singers were wrestlers. What matches would you make? (I know they do this on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch but I'm talking about in real life.) Hey, even TWO personalities. Imagine Russ vs Robert De Niro or Latino Reheat vs Al Pacino. Just say what matches you'd like to see.
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Guest Grapple
Yes, imagine how cool it would be to see Jay Leno slapping an arm bar on Hulk Hogan, or David Arquette as WCW World Champion......DOH!
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Guest Seabass

Wrestlemaina X-8 celebrity card


Seabass vs the guys from dumb and dummer in a hadicapped match

Steve Austin vs Steve Austin

William Regal vs Prince Charles

Trish Stratus vs Pamla Anderson

Rob Van Dam vs Jean Claude Van Dam

Jimmy Carter + Richard Nixon vs Geroge bush + Al Gore

the Hurricane vs Batman

Crash vs Elroy jetson / mini max

Al snow vs a Psychatrist

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Guest Alliance Mark

Hulk Hogan v The Incredible Hulk


I can see Hogan winning this one.

Even though the Incredible Hulk lived through a nuclear blast, thats nothing compared to a leg drop and the power of Hulkamania

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