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WWF The Movie?

Guest Dean

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Right folks let imagine we have to cast for WWF the movie, who would we cast, I'll start you can add on or suggest alternatives:


Vince McMahon--Kirk Douglas

Pat Patterson--Dame Edna

Undertaker--Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash--Mark Calloway

X-pac--any local drunk

Chyna---any local tranny

Stephanie--an enhanced Sandra Bullock

Jerry Lawler-- Gary Glitter

Paul Heyman---Bob Hoskins

RVD-- Jean Cluad Van Dam

HHH---Lorenzo Amorouso (Rangers player who I think looks like him, sleazy and scruffy you know except Lorenzo doesn't wear two jackets indoors)


Add more there are loads...I can't think of someone for Kurt

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Hey, WWF:The Movie would be great. Tom Cruise could cut his hair and play Shane O'Mac, and Eddie Izzard would so make a great Goldust. But I think why stop at WWF:The Movie? Why not have a TWO/SMASH Chat:The Movie. Imagine who would play Russ, or Kam, or Colin. Or how bout we get the chat members to play the WWF superstars...God, I'm getting so many ideas (if only any of them were any good.)
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Guest Dean Douglas
I'll think of a few more later but I'd like to suggest changing the actor/actress playing Chyna...Arnold Schwarzeneger would be perfect
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Guest Seabass
Originally posted by Draven

...(although this is the same family that created The Red Rooster and Isaac Yankem)


that was before the atittude era

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