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Jason X - Reviewed

Guest Tanya

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OK now i know this has not been released yet even in america but I managed to get my pretty little hands on a malaision video of it (not legal i know but neither is most of my video collection).


Jason X : Evil Gets An Upgrade.



Kane Hodder .... Jason Voorhees/Uber-Jason

Lexa Doig .... Rowan


Directed by James Isaac


The film starts off totally forgetting the last one where Jason gets dragged down to hell, it starts in some sort of cryogenic prison where Jason is being held, as usual he gets lose when he supost to be moved from there and starts killing again.


Rowan played by Lexa Doig (who is damn gorgeous ;) ) is a young officer who ends up being the last survivor at this time she lures him into a cryo-frezer where she freezes Jason but he sticks his machette through the machene and it freezes her as well.


It picks up 427 years later when some students on a field trip find them and take them aboard their spaceship, they thaw out Rowan then accidentally thaw out Jason who starts to kill again in varous grusome but inventive ways.


Jason somehow gets upgraded from his former self and sports a cool metalic look( really the new look Uber-Jason looks really good )


Ok i won't spoil the ending but all i will say on the subject is that it leaves it open for yet another sequel which i hope will be Freddy Vs Jason so they can finish off both series's once and for all.


Over all i actually enjoyed this film it definatly wasn't as bad as i was thinking it would be and with Lexa Doig who is a really good actress left me thinking i would like to see her in more films and good to see Kane Hodder back as jason.


Worth a look when it comes out and a directors cut DVD would be good too.


Overall i'll give it Tanya's official thumbs up:xyx


Thanks for reading let me know what you think.


Tanya xxxxxxxx

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Guest Latino Reheat

I would just like to say that I have now got 81 DVD's.


Number 81 just so happens to be ECW Anarchy Rulz 99, for £15, which was DAMN good !

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Guest V-I-N-C-E-N-T

Jason X


Sounds kinda poor to me too latino reheat!!! :sick











If any problem with what im saying post NOW!!!

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