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What song do you keep on listening to over and over?

Guest Nicole

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I keep listening to city high- What would you do? as i have to do the male bits for a talent contest, and i keep listening to marilyn manson fight song, and greenday basketcase, plush ash's song candy!:)
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Dr. Dre feat. Knoc-Turn'al- Bad Intentions.


Does anyone know whether Knoc will be releasing a solo album in the nearish future, or whether he has a website?

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Guest Thundara

This week, oi 'ave bin mostly listenin' to......


"Can't Smile" by Vex Red, their new single. Unfortunately the album isn't out till the middle of March.


If I'm not listening to that, I'm usually listening to "Be Quiet and Drive" by the Deftones, one of their best songs I've heard.



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Guest Latino Reheat

Heres what I's bin listening to alot


Jacknife Lee - Cookies

Alien Ant Farm - Movies

Ayumi Hamasaki - Euro mega mix

Alice in Chains - Them Bones

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Ummm, there's barely a day that goes by when I don't listen to RHCP's "Soul To Squeeze". It's such a beautiful song, very mellow and relaxing. You know when you're listening to a song and everything else goes out of your mind and all you can hear is the music? This song has that effect on me.... "I've got a bad disease, From my brain is where I bleed, Insanity it seems, Has got me by my soul to squeeze."


I also just downloaded John Frusciante's "Going Inside" the other day. As with most of John's solo work, I like this song. They had all these free tracks available to download off his official site just recently so I've been having a field day, lol.


*Cough* http://www.johnfrusciante.com :)

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