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    Top Ten Super Mario Power-Ups

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    There are very few people in the modern world, even outside the gaming community, who are unfamiliar with the world’s most famous plumber. It’d be difficult to find someone who has never given any of his games a try. Super Mario is one of the most recognizable characters in any franchise. This modern era has the plucky plumber driving go-karts, having parties, and getting into full-out brawls with his fellow Nintendo mascots. Aside from all of Mario’s side projects, he is first and foremost a platform kind of guy.


    For over thirty years, Mario has worn many different hats – or outfits to help him on his journey to rescue the princess, or whoever else needed rescuing. While each game has its share of cool power ups, the ‘outfit’ items really give Mario and friends that extra boost. With each new series entry, there is an exciting twist on a previous costume, some old favorites, or something completely fresh. Overtime, Mario has built quite the wardrobe, but not all items are made equal.


    Though new outfits will always appear in Super Mario games, there will always be a few that are cut above the rest. You all know what I’m talking about. These are the outfits gamers want to hold on to for dear life. Some can be classified into the ‘too good to use’ club – while others are the kind that a clumsy gamer will lose seconds after he or she gets it. Whatever the case, here’s a list of some of the best Super Mario power-ups.

    Honorable Mention -  Cape

    Super Mario Cape


    The first power-up on our list is a nod to Super Mario World's

    . This awesome power-up gives Mario the gift of flight, like a few other items in his repertoire. Obtaining a feather gives Mario a cape to help him soar across levels and it doubles as a weapon. Mario can spin and strike his enemies or come crashing down on them from above. Though the cape is an amazing tool, there are many different tools of flight in the Mario games.

    #10 -  Frog Suit

    Frog SuitI have a love/hate relationship with Super Mario 3's

    . On one had, it makes me a better swimmer - on the other,  his ability to maneuver on land takes a hit. The Frog Suit is pretty incredible, though. It helps Mario jump higher and water levels become much easier. The Frog Suit is considered one of the 'special' suits - the kind gamers can find in specific worlds or hidden away in a level. While this suit is cool, it's usefulness is quite limited. There are future suits that expand on the frog suit's power, and that, unfortunately, lands this power-up in the #10 spot.

    #9 - Super Mushroom



    There couldn't be a list without Mario's Super Mushroom! This iconic power-up is the first and most basic in Mario's arsenal. This little baby has helped the plumber grow larger than life in order to battle his enemies. While it is overshadowed by some of the more specialized items available, when the chips are down - this is the power-up gamers would kill to have. It pays to have that one extra hit in the face of battle. Super Mushrooms are also a great tool because they are so easy to get. Sometimes it's best to have the basics!

    #8 - Metal Cap

    Metal Mario


    Our next entry brings us an awesome power-up, courtesy of Super Mario 64. While the Wing Cap and the Invisibility Cap had their perks, they were not quite as unique as the 

    This power-up cap transforms our hero into a nearly indestructible war machine.  Donning the Metal Cap allows Mario a limited amount of invulnerability to enemies and obstacles. It also allows Mario to sink into the depths of unknown waters and navigate the bottom without a pesky 'air' bar. Of course, with a power-up this awesome, there has to be limitations; Mario can only use the cap for a limited amount of time. That sort of power should be kept under wraps. It's not like there are any other super over-powered suits Mario can get his hands on...hahah right?


    #7 - Cat Mario Suit

    Cat Suit Mario


    One of my favorite suits from the newer Mario games has to be Super Mario 3D World's

    ! Obtaining this shimmering bell gives Mario and friends cat-like abilities. (no kidding!) This suit enables wall-climbing ninjas would envy, as well as powerful cat-themed attacks and all the fun of being on all fours. This is what I imagine it's like to be a cat...only much less active. Simple, strong, and fast, this suit is easy to acquire, which accounts for such a low place on the list.

    #6 - Penguin Suit

    Penguin Suit


    Continuing on with the trend of adorable animal suits, New Super Mario Bros Wii added another awesome suit to the mix. The

     may seem adorable, but these cool dudes have some chill powers. Like the Frog Suit, the Penguin Suit gives Mario better aquatic mobility, but with the addition of ice powers. Yes, this power-up can help gamers freeze their enemies with ice balls, much like the ice flower. Mario can also slide across ice and water without sinking on the latter. All of these perks land this adorable suit at #6.

    #5 - Tanooki Suit

    Tanooki Suit


    Of course, no Top Ten Mario Power-Up list would be complete without this incredible relic from Super Mario Brothers 3:  the Tanooki Suit! While there are newer versions of this legendary suit, the original is by far the best.  Not the easiest of the suits to obtain, the Tanooki Suit has all the pros of the leaf power-up from the same game. It helps Mario fly and he can transform into a statue to protect him from enemies. The statue skill can also be dropped onto unsuspecting foes. However, this particular suit is a rare find, and of course, it could be very easy to lose.  Still, it's unique attributes and limited availability earn it a #5 spot.


    #4- Fire Flower

    Fire FlowerThe pyromaniac side of me loves the Fire Flower. Granted, some of the other items on this list have more to offer, but the Fire Flower is one of those power-ups that is useful in any situation. While a Leaf or a special suit with ice powers is very useful, when it comes to cross-platform reliability, the Fire Flower is by far the best. It's classic. When Mario grabs the coveted Fire Flower, he can lay waste to his enemies - even bosses - under a storm of fire power. Not only can Mario use this power on land, but he can use it under water - this is something that is invaluable.  While the Frog Suit can help gamers navigate the waters, the fire flower can take down enemies - which makes water levels much easier. They are also pretty easy to come by, making this classic come out on top.

    #3 - Super Star

    Super Star


    Another classic item to top the charts is the sought-after Super Star. This item is usual found in a ? block, a Toad House, or by defeating special enemies in Super Mario 3. The super star grants Mario ultimate invincibility from enemy damage. He can plow through enemies endlessly as long as the star's power doesn't run out. While the time limit is a bit of a bummer, it is possible to spawn numerous stars - provided Mario keeps hitting those ? blocks. Sometimes the classic items are the best. However, the time limit does land this one at #3.

    #2 - Hammer Suit

    Hammer Brothers Suit




    Super Mario Brothers 3 has given gamers some of the of the best power-ups in the Mario series. The Hammer Suit is no exception. This rare power-up gives Mario the ability to take on the abilities of the dreaded Hammer Brothers. The suit provides Mario with fireball protection and hammers strong enough to take down enemies. No enemy is safe from the infinite flurry of hammers - not even Bowser. This suit is incredibly powerful, but it's not without its drawbacks. Mario does lose his ability to slide and he is not completely indestructible. This overpowered suit lands the spot at #2.






    And the winner of that #1 spot!! P-Wing

    Super Mario 3The most epic Mario power-up is by far the

    . This amazing power up may not grant Mario invulnerability, but it can make some pretty impossible levels a cake walk. The P-Wing grants Mario flight power for a full level - and unlimited flight power puts this relic in the category: "too good to use." The same can be said for a few other on this list, but the P-Wing could be made even better with some clever maneuvering and the discovery of a Tanooki suit. Imagine it; two of the best power-ups combined as one! Add a star to that and Mario would be unstoppable. The P-Wing is such a powerful item that it has become an 'assistant' tool for players who can't quite beat the levels. I guess the same could be said for the original, but regardless, endless flight is hard to beat.  That's my Top Ten! What are your favorite Mario suits/caps? Angry there was no
    shoe on this list? Leave your comments below!


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