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  2. Just over 2 hours to go! I haven't been this hyped about a game since, well, Elden Ring came out
  3. Bandai Namco announced the Shadow of the Erdtree trailer will premiere at 10 AM EST on February 21, 2024. You can watch it on their YouTube Channel when it goes live, as well as in this thread. There will be a 30-minute countdown leading up to the trailer. Trailer premiere by time zone - 10 AM EST | 9 AM CT | 7 AM PST Watch the Shadow of the Erdtree Reveal
  4. I'm sure this is relatable to everyone that's played the game
  5. With my wife, the same concept applies, but it's HADES instead of Dreamlight Valley . And before HADES it was Animal Crossing. I need to step up my game... big time
  6. I feel like I have this happen on most bosses - I always die right at the very very end!
  7. When I saw this meme is when I realized that's the summon icon. Only 40 levels in. Lol.
  8. I feel for poor Sorcerer Rogier. He served one purpose.
  9. Yeah the molotovs were good for that huge group of blokes around that huge fire but I didn't like running past anybody as I was trying to get as many blood echoes as possible to continue to level up. I've given up on it at this point, it wasn't fun for me at all. I know the difficulty is part of the game, but if you're going to make the level up system so slow, at least give the option of lowering the difficulty so the game is fun for those of us who dont want to have to deal with such absurd difficulty levels.
  10. They die easy to Molotov cocktails and you can also just run past them if you need to
  11. I was mainly levelling up health and strength. But it really made no difference, I'd still get hit twice and be dead every time by those 2 big wolf things on the bridge near that huge boss.
  12. I can understand that. If you do play it again tip, don't bother leveling up bloodtinge or really anything other then your health, stamina, strength or skill. Edit: Also did you try upgrading your weapon(s)? That could be a reason why you don't feel like you're getting stronger as that's also a main thing in the game now to keep your damage up.
  13. Yes, and I'm equally entitled to say they "can suck a big fat dick", to quote Dr Dre, especially as I've wasted money on previous titles which suffer from the same "design choices". Making me want to disembowel the dev and strangle him with his own intestines so hard his eyeballs explode isn't a "design choice", it's stupid, in my opinion. It also tends to be cover for a smaller world, since you'll be grinding areas for ages they bump the average play time up without needing massive maps.
  14. I thought the Souls games were difficult, but they were difficult in a 'I want to beat this!' way, not a 'I want to stop playing because this is stupid' way. And yes, I know you start out with lame stats and equipment in those other games, but the levelling up process was far better, it actually felt like you were getting stronger, not just staying stagnant forever like in Bloodborne.
  15. Games can be what ever they want to be, which is why there are different niche markets for different niche games. Not all games have to cater to a certain type of stereotype or certain type of category.
  16. Ah, another one of the "it looks a bit pretty, and is really, stupidly repetitive brigade" that From Software specialise in...prepare for it to win all the awards because that's pretty much what quantifies a "good" game now in the eyes of many extraordinarily stupid people. Games should be fun first, challenge second. That's why difficulty levels are included in so many games. I wasted enough money on the Souls games. It'd have been a waste at £10 for all 3, given how little I played them. Let's just say that apoplectic rage or worse is not my idea of a fun gaming experience. I play games to get out of my own head, I have enough rage for any 10 people without an assist from idiot developers. In all seriousness, if I was Bruce Banner, I'd be green at least 70% of the time.
  17. Sorry about making assumptions then, but if you think the difficulty of Bloodborne is ludicrous then what did you think about Demon Souls and the Dark Souls difficulties? Since they were pretty much the same albeit BB is a tad bit harder then the others. Also you complained about starting out with shit weapons/armor/stats... The same thing happens in the previous games as well.
  18. Uh-oh, you're making assumptions. Silly boy. I know what it is, I've played Dark Souls 1 & 2, this was way beyond more frustrating than either of those 2 games. Uh-oh, more assumptions, I know about the lock on feature, but it makes combat clunky, especially if you're locked on to somebody and somebody else comes up from the side or the back and starts slashing at you. So I dont use it, but regardless, the flow of the combat isn't there. Look mate, this is my opinion of the game, if yours is different, good for you, but dont come in here with this "It seems you haven't done this and that" nonsense eh?

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