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  2. Something tells me you won't be disappointed, then 🤔😈
  3. Honestly, I don't want any changes. Just more new ways to kill stuff so I can work on unique builds. More characters. More story. Just more of the awesome.
  4. I'll probably binge my way through the end of the first right before it drops. I know it's pretty much the perfect game and all, but what type of changes do you want to see Supergiant make?
  5. I'm super excited for Hades 2. The anticipation is real.
  6. I'm just building up his confidence before striking him down. That's totally it.
  7. I mean... you should beat him at least once. 👀
  8. I really need to get back into it. I stopped AT Hades. What is wrong with me?
  9. Anyone else still completely locked into this game? I literally cannot play anything else without coming back to this game.

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