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  2. Thanks, @tamaki! I have a history of constantly changing things up, but I've been very happy with this setup
  3. That monitor is insanely wide, and I don't think it's possible for a setup to get better than this... Nice job!
  4. Oh man, I really want to play HLAlyx! I will keep your review in mind when the time of buying a VR headset comes. I loved the fact it was straight to the point and no fillers, no time to waste! Good stuff, Mike!
  5. There aren't any spoilers, and the clips don't really show any story content at all
  6. Awesome! Just let me know if it contains spoilers so I'm ready
  7. @worm, I haven't gotten around to that AI video I mentioned, but my next one goes into Half-Life: Alyx (Quest 2 vs Quest 3). I'll share it in the Half-Life Club once it's ready. Hopefully by the end of the week
  8. The Essentials Desktop PC - Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 8 (RTX 4090, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD) Monitor - Samsung 49" Odyssey G9 - Ultrawide Monitor Arm - Ergotron HX Monitor Arm with HD PIvot (White) Standing Desk - DeskHaus Grand Rapids Desk Chair - Haworth Fern Gaming Chair - Xbox Branded This setup provides me with all the power I need in a PC for the foreseeable future, where I can do all my multitasking via one ultrawide monitor. The desk is extremely high quality and switching from sitting to standing is quick and easy (and quiet). I bought the Xbox Haworth Fern chair because of my Xbox fandom, and their reputation for providing great chairs for gaming and work. I've been very happy with it so far. Lastly, I hate wires and clutter, so the Ergotron Monitor Arm does a great job cleaning that up - it removes the long legs of the Samsung Monitor stand and has great cable management backed into the mount itself, via a few velcro strips on the back. Accessories that make working fun Speakers - Steelseries Arena 7 Webcam- Logitech Brio 4K Webcam Desk Pad - Carolina Panthers Desk Pad by YouTheFan Keyboard - ASUS ROG Strix Scope II Wireless Keyboard Mouse - Logitech G604 Wireless Mouse To eliminate the need for added RGB Lighting equipment for my Video Content, I purchased Speakers that would double to do the trick. I replaced a very old pair of Logitech speakers with the SteelSeries Arena 7s, and the sound they put out more than meets my expectations. They sound fantastic. A cheaper alternative I considered was the Logitech G560's. The Shure SM7B microphone has been the go-to broadcasting mic for a couple of decades and is still amongst the most popular in podcasting and broadcasting circles for good reason. Shure recently released an update to the microphone with the Shure SM7dB with a Built-in Preamp, but I opted to go with the non-db version as the Elgato Wave XLR already offers the db boost if I need it. Have I mentioned that I hate wires? Because of this, I'm using a wireless mouse and keyboard. The keyboard is a new offering from ASUS, it's more compact than a full-sized keyboard but still maintains a number pad, has great battery life (recharges via USB C), and has no noticeable lag whatsoever. Hardware Canucks put out a great breakdown of the keyboard on their YouTube channel. Camera and Audio Equipment Camera - Sony ZV-E10 (White) Microphone - Shure SM7B Wireless Microphone - DJI Mic Lavalier Microphone Camera Tripod - ULANZI MT-44 Extendable Tripod Phone - Pixel 8 Pro Video Content Creation is a passion of mine, but as I tend to record from different locations or different lighting, I wanted a solution where I didn't need to worry about getting the right settings in place before recording. Enter the Sony ZV-E10, which has a dedicated de-focus button just for that. I've been very happy with its ability to get the settings right where I don't need to spend time on it. Also, as someone who is often on the move, I don't always want to have to worry about speaking into a physical microphone. Using the DJI Lavalier Mic, it's easy to just worry about speaking. It has a convenient magnet that makes clipping it to your shirt easy, syncs audio with the camera recording, and can keep backup audio on the lavalier itself in the case of technical difficulties. If you use the microphone solo without a camera, it's easy to transfer to your PC without added software (USB > File Manager), which is why I went with this instead of the Rode Wireless Go II. Elgato for the simplicity Key Light - Elgato Key Light Portable Lights - Elgato Key Light Air XLR Microphone Solution - Elgato Wave XLR Starter Set Microphone Arm - Low Profile Microphone Arm (White) Control Buttons - Elgato Stream Deck Camera to USB Adapter - Elgato Cam Link 4K Despite there being so much Elgato equipment, I am actually not partnered with them. I have used a large variety of streaming, video, and lighting solutions over the years, but there is one thing that Elgato does unequivocally better than the competition. They make their products simple and compact. My studio is in a small room, so space is at a premium. Elgato's products are hyper-focused on functionality, which I appreciate. They're pricier than some alternatives, but they are far from breaking the bank and worth it for the convenience they provide. Conclusion - My Desk Setup And there you have it. My goal with this setup was to create a high-quality studio that saves time, is clutter-free, and showcases a bit of my personality with the Carolina Panthers Desk Pad and the Xbox-themed Office chair. I'm sure I'll have more updates in the future, but for now, I couldn't be happier with my workspace.
  9. Thanks @worm! I'll keep you posted if/when I get around to it
  10. Of course you can Motor! It would be an honor if you do!
  11. Brainstorming an idea: How AI improved my website in 2 minutes If I make this video, can I use our messages about forum visibility, @worm?
  12. Will do! I'm fairly new to the YouTube schtick, so bare with me while I find my voice for video
  13. It's been a long hiatus, but I finally got my next video recorded . Decided to go back to my gaming roots and discuss things I would like to see in the upcoming Fable Reboot. Now it's editing time!
  14. (Reserved) I really need to dive back into my notepad's archives and see what's in there. It's been way too long since I made a video.

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