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For everything related to the Half-Life universe - the original games, expansions, news, mods, videos, love-letters to the G-Man, etc.
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  2. No offense my good chap, I hope you find the answers you seek!
  3. Context is tricky over the internet, but no offense was taken or intended by the italics. 😁
  4. Actually, only two other team members are furries, and I don't really trust the advice of one of them. Still, they also know quite a bit about character design and Natalya should be able to do some sketches so we should have a decent idea before I try and model it... EDIT: I just caught the italic on "non-furs," sorry if that somehow offended you...
  5. That's probably a good call. They should have a better understanding of what you're going for than us non-furs.
  6. Fair enough. I joke that you can do anything with a fursona because once you're dealing with anthropomorphic animals, you're already giving reality the finger, so you might as well just go all-out with it. Still, I want to try and keep things faithful... You know what, I'll probably get the advice of the other people on my team, as opposed to the random non-furs on the internet.
  7. Hmm I see... but, at the same time, he will be a wolf so, you are already deep in changing stuff, the purple socks are not that big of a deal, I think
  8. Well, see, the purple socks part in particular comes from this art from Steam's 20th anniversary.
  9. Missed the post! Wolf G-Man with purple socks? I think it's a great idea 😎
  10. Okay are yall ignoring this intentionally? Yeah, no, wouldn't be surprised
  11. The master super complete bundle of all time!
  12. Should me and my team incorporate the G-Man's now purple socks into the wolf gman we're doing? We are changing quite a lot of his design (we realized we couldn't really keep the emaciated look, so we're doing more of a strong, cocky aura. Thank god GoldSRC is so limited or this would be soo much harder), but the outfit is remaining mostly the same. I was just wondering if we should keep the outfit faithful to HL1 or follow the retcons? (Speaking of which, I just got the idea to do a mod of HL1 that incorporates all the series retcons...)
  13. They should create something along the lines of the Valve Fan Complete Bundle, which would include stuff like Sven and GMod
  14. I think as long as it's SFW it should be fine... And besides, I'm trying not to have the project public pre-release. We wanted to release it in a very "This exists now, deal with it" kind of way. We were gonna create the ModDB page with the download publicly available and just, have it exist one day. And now our evil plot is publicly available... Thank god this community is miniscule
  15. No judgement from me! I'm not sure if you can post that kind of content here but I'm glad you know what you like! Welcome to Fan Clubs!
  16. Love the quote, most people wouldn't recognize it And yes, in all seriousness, the project is literally called Half-Life: Furry Edition, although we have another lower-priority project called Half-Life: Just Another Meme Mod And yes, I am a furry. Deal.
  17. I'm in the same boat as @worm. Although it's not for us, there is a huge community around it.

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