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    The Monopoly Mogol

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    So far I've talked about Super Nintendo, NES, and PlayStation games. I think it's about time to talk about board games. I am a bit of a board game lover. I will be the first to jump on the opportunity if one of my friends offer the suggestion, "



    [caption id=attachment_2646" align="alignleft" width="206]Monopoly is torture All games aren't fun...[/caption]


    Nerdism isn't limited to analog controllers and PC headsets. This being said, there are many games that I would love to play over and over again. Some have even crossed the gaming line from board to buttons and screens. But some games should just stay off of the game systems entirely.  One of the longest lasting, most played, most irritating games in the world is Monopoly.


    Along with having the many board games versions to purchase, Parker Brothers has a few versions translated into the gaming world. I give everyone the evidence. Monopoly for the NES.


    For those of you in the board game world, this game is always grounds for controversy. Why? Well...recall anytime this quiet little board game is being played at home.

    The Game From Hell

    [caption id=attachment_2647" align="aligncenter" width="150]Monopoly worst game No Jigsaw, NOOOO![/caption]


    Everything starts off as '

    ' and then the tears start when your little sister lands on Park Place where, waiting for her, are three hotels and bills pile up so high she can roller-coaster down them into bankruptcy. Tears, curses, and a flipped game board later, your father is arguing with you about how you should have 'let her win!' She's your sister! Wouldn't you lend her money? You wouldn't let her go bankrupt!


    [caption id=attachment_2648" align="alignright" width="150]This is you after student loans. This is you after student loans...or after your parents disown you because of this game.[/caption]


    Thankfully, I have no little sister. Unfortunately, I am the little sister. But, I'm impatient, and the game of Monopoly allows me foolhardy purchases and an early exit from the game. Baltic Avenue and Reading Railroad seemed like a good idea at the time. My father is too good at making deals, however, and I don't know how, he'd always end up with all of the properties in the end, 



    Monopoly is the devil.  In fact, Monopoly almost single-handedly responsible for my non-existence.


    My father was playing my mother and destroying every bit of confidence she had. She was up to her elbows in debt and she owed him big. He offered a trade, which he is still famous for, and she obliged by handing over Pennsylvania Avenue. The very next turn, she landed on Penn Ave and the board sailed into the air.


    To this day she will never play him again.


    All the old wounds aside, Monopoly is still a fairly popular game. When it was introduced the NES, the game took on the old school style. Up to four players could play or a player could go solo against the computer. (I think the computer cheats, personally. That might just be my angst for Monopoly talking.)

    How to Cheat Your Way to Victory!Monopoly, NES

    When playing the game, a player rolls virtual dice to go around the board and picks up properties, after he or she chooses a token. The originals are all there from the boot to the little doggie.


    [caption id=attachment_2656" align="alignright" width="150]Monopoly NES Win Hahaha! Take that, losers![/caption]


    The player then rolls and moves from property to property. Those that do not get purchased strait out get auctioned off.


    As the game goes on, it is much like a normal round of Monopoly. The player starts to purchases houses and hotels, eventually the game turns into a rolling/pay off roulette. The player can make deals with the other players, or the computer (which is 3 other players). They can land on community chest or chance spaces, or even go to jail. Basically, Monopoly NES is pretty simple.


    However, if you are impatient, like me, a back-handed player could cheat in order to win. The best way to do this was to claim that more than one player was taking part in the game. You can take all of the properties from the computer characters using the first and second players. The system never fails, and the game integrity is ruined. But you win at Monopoly. Monopoly is also available for SNES and the N64, but they aren't as fun to play.


    Why play on any game system when the board game is still a juggernaut?

    And Now, Some Ridiculous Monopoly Games

    There is a Monopoly style for everything and everyone.


    [gallery link=file" columns="4" ids="2657,2662,2661,2660,2659,2658,2664,2665]


    These are just a few of the many Monopoly 


    Ok, some of these are over the top. Do we really need an all pink Monopoly? Also available are Seinfeld, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Penn State, Sponge Bob, Dora, and thousands more versions of the game. There is a Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly. When will the Monopoly invasion stop?! Sure, it teaches young players simple math, but at what cost?


    Of course, most of these games mirror the old school Monopoly, but a newer 'high-tech' version is available to reflect the change in cost and real estate over the years. Who knew selling and buying places would end up being a pastime and possible divorce of families all over the globe? Kudos to people who are excellent in math.


    So, what do you all think? Do you hate or love Monopoly? Which form do you prefer?


    Monopoly game pieces puppy cat

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