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  2. I would find a way to get it tangled. Wires and I do not get along. Plus, I don't think my landlord would be a fan of installing a pulley system
  3. Pulley systems are gods gift to VR, it will never fully replace wireless for comfort but you never get tangled, you never accidentally hit the cable and all you need is like 2-3 pulleys and some screws
  4. PCVR definitely gives the best experience. You just underestimate my hatred of wires . My favorite way to use the Quest is as a Wireless Headset for PCVR.
  5. @Motorcycle Nerd I use PCVR but have poked around on a quest, I’d say if you’re really into it then PCVR is the way to go, I’m really excited to see what meta does with the Quest 3 though, it sounds like it’s shaping up to be a good headset, but Valve is my true love and will likely stick with my index for a while.
  6. Hey @Whitecheddar. When it comes to VR, what's your platform of choice? I haven't been in there much lately, but I try to stick with the quest due the simplicity of it. I do have PCVR and the OG PSVR as well, though.
  7. A Forum and discussion board for all things VR, whether you're someone trying to find a group or a newbie who is just looking for some questions to be answered.
  8. Interesting thought, chess with one. I don't have one but I'd be interested into getting one. I honestly don't know anyone that has one. Have they lost some of their bulk?
  9. VR headsets have been gaining traction over the years, but I don't think we've gotten to a point where their popularity soars gradually. Would you fancy a tethered or standalone headset?
  10. 3 D chess in a VR simulator? That sounds anything but boring. It's been a few years since I looked into them, and back then they were still too bulky for most people to want.
  11. Does anyone use these? If so, do you know if the tech. is advancing according to projections? Call me boring, but I would like to get one to play chess with against a computer program. Like a Deep Blue type competition in VR.
  12. Yea I agree, that'll feel more intuitive if it accurately reads your movement. Though I think they may have to face the issue of tactile immersion. It may feel really silly to pull out your sword and fight an enemy in the game, while in the living room you're just holding your hands in place while you imagine the sword is there. It also may just feel weird to pretend to hold the sword, even though you see it on the screen, you feel nothing in your hands. I dunno if that'll be a big deal or not.
  13. The Oculus Quest (the standalone, cord-free version from the Oculus lineup) is supposed to become controller-free sometime in 2020. That's pretty exciting because being able to use weapons and pick things up with just your hands will make gameplay feel more lifelike. The controllers aren't that terrible, but they often require modifications to keep them from slipping. I've thrown mine across the room accidentally when I meant to throw a virtual object and just forgot not to release the controller. Oops.
  14. I bought it and it's surprisingly good! Much better than previous iterations. Right now I'm really into Superhot which is super fun and immersive and it's easier to play without a bunch of wires. I still find it jarring to take off the headset, but I'll get used to it as time goes.
  15. I've been laying low on this front. I think it's the common belief that the software hasn't fully caught up to the hardware in this industry but they're certainly making advancements every day. The Quest looks like another step in the right direction. Then you can add in the hardware concerns between the shear bulk and weight of the devices and of course the hefty price tag that goes with them. Then along the way to making a decision about a purchase you realize there are many players in the VR space and it's very hard to tell which one is going to perform well compared to the others. I'd say the entire industry needs another decade under it's belt.
  16. The Oculus Quest, a new standalone VR headset, will be released this week. So far, tech reviewers seem to think it's a good improvement in VR gaming. I was feeling a little iffy about buying one until I saw the games that are coming along. The Oculus Quest is a bit pricey, but the games are surprisingly affordable. I'm interested in the latest Creed and Paranormal Activity the most. What do you think about the new VR headset and games? Are you planning to get one soon, will you wait until it's been out a while, or will you skip it all together?
  17. No, I haven't played any VR games yet, but I want to. I don't have any specific titles in mind, but generally I'm interested in exhilarating and exploratory experiences.
  18. It appears that I should avoid horror games when I have the chance to try a virtual reality gear. :D The experiences seem to blur the line between fantasy and reality. I hope I can afford the gears one day because they are bloody expensive! Do you think the prices will decrease in time to become more affordable?
  19. Dreadhalls is indeed a scary game. The sound effects made the game scarier. I was afraid to go into a dark room for a few days after playing this game.
  20. I played a little bit from my friend's Oculus. The game I played was Dreadhalls. I almost pissed my pants when the gargoyles moved from their positions. I will never play that game again because I still have nightmares with that game.
  21. Have you ever played VR games? It is more immersive because you don't see or hear any distraction unless your mother or wife removes the VR abruptly. :p I've played Doom VFR and the experience was very intense because it felt like the monsters are really there in front of me.

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