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  2. Thank you!! My apologies, I haven't checked this thread since the beginning of October as I got quite busy with other things! The idea was a combination of inputs from me, my director, and my brother! Because this contest was based on Tenet, we just thought of our own ideas in a way that relates to Tenet. The man in the video is me! :D Thank you for your wishes! Unfortunately, we did not win, but hearing positive comments like these keeps me motivated to keep going :) Thanks again!
  3. I enjoyed that! How did you come up with the idea? Your actors did a good job. They weren't cheesy like you normally find in amateur films. I hope you win!
  4. @Dust and Rust Thank you for your feedback :) @Poppy Thank you! My apologies for the late reply, I didn't visit this forum in a while! The camera that we used was the EOS Rebel T4i. The editing software that we used was Final Cut Pro X. If you have any other questions, please ask :)
  5. Hmm... I like the shadow because it looks like the guy is looming over her. I think many lasses can relate to minding your own business and being interrupted by a bloke. Your film looks professionally done. May I ask what you used to make the video? It looks fantastic.
  6. That was pretty good. I didn't like the shadow over her face, I found it annoying, but it was well made and kind of humorous.
  7. Hello everyone! I recently submitted a short film as part of the #InspiredByTENET short film competition. Please check it out! I am also interested in hearing feedback :) NOTE: A requirement for the competition was that the video has to be 55 sec. max!
  8. @whaleshark - That's a huge chunk of YouTube! Related to that, I like and get annoyed with food vloggers. It's cool learning what's popular around the world thanks to them. But many will just chew once and make that "foodgasm" face. Really?
  9. This is really subjective, but I can't stand it when a YouTuber is trying hard to be funny, like exaggerating a goofy face too many times or putting huge emojis or text-speak across the screen.
  10. Besides passion, a good YouTuber is consistent and understands whatever topic is in question. The ability to connect to the audience and answer most if not all of their queries, is equally important.
  11. I fall into the YouTube black hole a few times a week. The topic can be something I have no plans on trying myself, like major bike repairs or flying on planes with private suites. I will keep watching if the vlogger seems to have genuine passion without seeming like a nut job. It also helps if the videos are paced well. What about you?

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