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    Rocket League Review

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    What happens when you throw soccer, speed boosts, and a demolition derby together? The answer is one of the most addicting games ever released on a console.  Rocket League has players pitted against each other in a battle royal in an attempt to score as many times as possible.  Whether you prefer online play or want to try your skills against the bots, Rocket League provides hours of mindless fun for any skill player.


    Play, Match-Up, Shot

    Score:  All About Game Play

    Rocket League pits a certain number of drivers against each other as they attempt to score goals with an over-sized ball. Players can pick up boosts, drive on walls, flip jump, or spiral in order to rack up points for their team.  It’s also possible to take out other drivers by ramming and blowing up their cars. No worries, the destroyed cars re-spawn only moments later, but that could make the difference. Each match is set at 5 minutes; it’s easy to feel the pressure to score as much as possible.


    During a game, players can earn points depending on what actions they perform in a match. Scoring goals can rack up big points, but so can blocking a goal, assisting a goal, or centering a ball. As racers earn points, their skill level grows and they win new cars, decals, and other decorations.  These small details really allow a personal touch for each player experience.




    [caption id=attachment_3161" align="aligncenter" width="1920]Sweet Tooth, PS4, Twisted Metal Are we laughing yet?[/caption]



    Modes: Bots or Free-For-All

    Rocket League allows for

    t modes:  single mode and multi-player. Single player mode allows gamers to practice their skills alone or with local friends. There is also a Season mode that allows players to play against bot teams of varying difficulty, much like any sport.  This mode is particularly fun with two players.


    Gamers can also play online in 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, or 4-4 matches. While waiting for other opponents, the game fills in open slots with bots, but as players join – the bots are taken out. It is likely that you can join a game that is already underway. Depending on how chaotic you like it, a match with 4+ players can get pretty crazy, but that is part of the fun. As players join online matches, the system takes under consideration where a player ranks – whether he or she is a rookie or a veteran – and it pairs him or her with the best possible matches. It balances out the teams and makes for a more enjoyable experience.


    Rocket League, Go for it, Orange Team

    Exciting Add-ons and DLC

    Rocket League’s DLC involves some themed goodies and fun car customization. Packs include new cars, nods to Mad Max, and cool new cosmetics that are not crucial to game play, but are fun to have.  Let’s not forget the Back to the Future, Batman v Superman, and Knight Rider DLC options! Depending on the platform, Psyonix made licensing agreements with particular franchises that brought

    to the PS4 and Halo-Themed and Gears of War vehicles to XBox.  There are so many customization options, it's easy for players to really stand-out.


    In addition to awesome decals and vehicles, Rocket League features some free updates that allow a twist on the original format. These mods include low gravity, a cubed ball, or other challenging options to change-up game play.  There are also two variations involving other popular sports: an ice-hockey inspired and a soon-to-be basketball-inspired version.  The hockey version went over so well, it became a permanent addition.


    What’s most exciting about Rocket League is the most recent announcement:  cross-platform compatibility.  Imagine this; you have an XBOX 1 and your friend has a PS4. Soon, you can play Rocket League together regardless of your system loyalty! That sounds like a win-win to me. Of course, this is all new technology. We shall see what the future holds; choice may not be an option. It is a step in the right direction.

    Prowler, Rocket League

    Overall:  3…2…1…

    Rocket League is quick, mindless fun that any gamer has time for. Anyone can squeeze in a five minute round, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to stop at one. With well-designed game mechanics, a simple concept and a purely fun design, it’s a game that is easy to pick up, but hard to put down.  No wonder it received so many awards. Now, go score some goals!


    What do you guys think of Rocket League? Give us a review down below!


    Match-up, One on One

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