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  2. Sure. He's played a vampire before and in some fictional tales bats turn into vampires and vice versa, so it's like he's been the understudy for Batman all along. Plus, Batman's love matches have always appeared awkward to me and so did the overwrought relationship between Pattinson's character and his love interest in the Twilight franchise. So yeah, I think he can handle it
  3. It's old news, but in case you haven't heard, Cedric Diggory* has been cast as the next Batman. I'm quite shocked at the choice. Do you reckon he can pull it off? *Fine, the actor is Robert Pattinson but I'll forever see him as Hufflepuff good guy Cedric Diggory.
  4. To be fair, I think Ben Affleck wanted out of the role ever since it first bombed with fans and critics. I can't say I blame him. I think @headrush is straight on about casting Richard Madden in the role. I think Jack O'Connell would be a good bet too. He's young enough at 28 and he's not as well-known, so there are fewer expectations and biases about how he should act. Sometimes it's hard to see some well-established actors as Batman as we've built the hero up in our heads over the years. By the way, who do you think made the most credible Batman so far? I'm going with Christian Bale in the Dark Knight.
  5. The replacement should be someone quite a bit younger than Affleck. I'm thinking Richard Madden or possibly one of the older boys from Stranger Things.
  6. Warner Bros. is casting its new Batman film and it will have a new super hero. The film will focus on a young Bruce Wayne. Ben Affleck was set to star in the movie and to help write the film, but I don't believe he's involved at all anymore. I can't say I'm surprised as he seemed to flounder in the role in Batman v. Superman and Justice League. So now that Affleck is out, who do you think should take his place as the Caped Crusader?
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    Lego Batman

    Ok. Ya'll have given such good reviews. I will have to go see this one now. I can't imagine a Lego movie but there's a first time for everything. I remember how much my kids played with Legos. I'm sure I own stock in the company somewhere along the line.
  8. Guest

    Lego Batman

    Yes, totally. I watched Lego Ninjago with my dad during the day this one time in theaters, and we literally had the whole theater to ourselves! It was amazing. Ninjago was way better than I had anticipated, because I originally thought it was only for nine year old boys or something. But I laughed so much!
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    Lego Batman

    The Lego Batman movie was better than I expected. I loved The Lego Movie but wasn't sure that Batman would measure up. I ended up liking it more than my friends who are way more into Batman than I am. I'll add Lego Ninjago to my list too.
  10. Well its not a sequel, but Lego Ninjago movie is out now. Its almost as funny.
  11. Guest

    Lego Batman

    Oh, yes. I definitely underestimated Lego Batman. I could not stop laughing. I agree that it should be the movie of the year. I think the Lego company have out done themselves, and I can't describe how detailed and flawless that movie was. I wonder if they are planning on doing a sequel. I would watch that.
  12. Matthew has a review up on COW, he loved it too.
  13. Me and the 5 year old saw it at the weekend. Could already be film of the year. To say anything more would spoil but plenty of jokes and drama for adults as much as kids. Fans of TV, movie, or Comic Batman universe will love it.
  14. Guest

    Best Batman

    Though Adam West has a special place in my heart, I'll have to go with Bale. I'm one of the few who loved the voice. I thought he was overly criticised. Though he's getting good praise on here a lot of people thought he was a poor Batman. In saying that though, Affleck is a close second. I have a feeling that the more I see of him the likelihood is that he could surpass Bale on my Batchart. Either way, the two have restored Batman to being a dark, gritty vigilante. I can't wait to see the Affleck's stand alone Batman movies when they come out. Great thread, I love this $h!t!!!!
  15. Guest

    Best Batman

    Affleck. And I liked BVS and SS. Perfect BM/BW.
  16. Ignoring the quality of the films and going just on the performance of the character(s), I'd say (from the little we've seen) that Affleck is the best at being both.
  17. It's a hard question really for me... Keaton was my first Batman and did a wonderful job playing the straight guy across from Nicolson's Joker but he wasn't the all action Batman you'd expect, mainly because he's Michael Keaton and also because the suit was so god damn restrictive. I actually really liked Val Kilmer as both the Bat and as Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever as well and have a special place in my heart for that film because it was mental and when it came out I was about 10 and loved Jim Carrey too. Bale for me was excellent as both Bat and Wayne except for that damn voice... GIMME THE GUN! Also Ben Affleck, has been good in otherwise disappointing films. He has been a highlight and much better then Cavill's boring, brooding Superman. I am really looking forward to seeing what Ben Affleck will do with the solo Batman film he is going to help screen-write and create, in fact, if he can keep WB away from it, it could be the best Bat film since Dark Knight. But in the end, I trumped for Keaton because, Tim Burton's first Batman film is a classic and to be honest, as good as Nolan's trilogy was... none of the three topped that original Batman for me, although Dark Knight came close.
  18. Guest

    Best Batman

    Keaton for me aswell, he just seemed perfect for it for me, and whenever anyone says batman he is the one that springs to mind.
  19. Guest

    Best Batman

    Adam West classic pow....
  20. I voted for Keaton...just thought he suited the role perfectly.
  21. Keaton was my 2nd but lost for me because of his shitty costume making him next to immobile. :lol
  22. I love The Dark Knight as a film, but I'm not sure on Christian Bale. Specifically his ridiculous Batman voice. He was a great Bruce Wayne though. I'm torn, but I think I'd have to go for Michael Keaton. "You wanna get nuts...*smash*...let's get nuts!"
  23. Guest

    Best Batman

    For me it has to be Bale, he brought back a darker more realistic element to the franchise which had become a caricature of itself. For a superhero whose parents had been slain in front of him to end up a campy mess with nipples is not how it should be and the whole backstory of his struggle to become the bat gave it credibility. I've not yet seen afflecks batman but have heard good things; either way both have went the same way in not making the character more believable. It's a similar story to how Daniel Craig restored credibility to the bond franchise by reverting back to the more grittier agent rather than the camp roger Moore version or over the top action like pierce brosnan ( goldeneye aside coz goldeneye rocked!)
  24. So come on, who do you think did the best combo of Batman and Bruce Wayne? http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/b/batmanwilson1.jpg 1943 Lewis Wilson http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/batman/images/1/12/Batman_(1949).png/revision/latest?cb=20090725021416 1949 Robert Lowery. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/batman/images/2/22/Adam-west-batman.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150822040943 Adam West, 60s, camp Batman. http://comicsalliance.com/files/2014/06/Untitled-183.jpg 1989, Michael Keaton in Tim Burtons gothic return to darkness. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/batman/images/d/d1/Batman_Forever_-_Batman_4.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140903105252 1995 Val Kilmer. In my eyes a great Batman but terrible Bruce Wayne. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/batman/images/8/86/BatmanGeorgeClooney.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080301232020 1997 George Clooney. Batnipples. But a good Bruce Wayne at least. Clooney has apologised for how bad the film is (as did the director Joel Schumacher). http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/batman/images/2/2a/TDKbatman.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080913213059 The Dark Night Trilogy, Christian Bale. A more realistic (hey, its all comparative) take on Batman. DCCU/DCEU Ben Affleck. A less streamlined but more muscular and battle scarred Batman. What do you think? For me it has to be Batfleck. A great Batman and Bruce Wayne who seemed genuinely dangerous both physically and mentally. The stand out in Dawn of Justice for sure.
  25. Arkham Knight is one of the best games I've ever played. I very rarely put the effort in to 100% anything but I did here and now I wish I still had more to do.

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