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  2. Either way, it's going to be fantastic. I'm taking work off to see if. Lol
  3. Yup, Ghibli Fest is the best! I was able to see one or two more movies in theaters thanks to it. But this will be one of the rare times I get to at-release. I think other theaters do Ghibli Fest or something similar. It looks like there are early screenings of The Boy and the Heron in IMAX theaters, which start on December 4th . I checked the two nearby IMAX theaters and they're only offering the subbed version, though, with the dubbed version releasing on December 7th.
  4. They do Ghibli fest!! At least Cinemark does. They show older studio Ghibli films and I got to see laputa, Totoro, and spirited away in the theatre.
  5. Most definitely! I think this is only going to be my second time seeing a Studio Ghibli film in theaters during its theatrical release. I'm pretty sure the only other one was The Secret World of Arrietty.
  6. The boy and the heron hits theatres on the 8th! I'm dying to see it. What a voice cast!
  7. Welcome to the NHK is the best anime ever.... That is all
  8. That made me sit up and go, Ooh! Totally looking forward to the second season.
  9. I'm still going on Naruto (can't believe I've been watching it for 10 years now!), and I'm desperately trying to find time to watch Death Note. I've finished Book 3 of the Black Edition Manga (which I'm assuming is halfway), but the missus' nephew told me a bunch of spoilers because he's a tw*t like that and it kinda killed my enjoyment. I've started Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood for sh*ts and giggles, and I've got Full Metal Panic and Toppen Tengen Guuren Laagan (or however you spell it) cued up for when I've waded my way through that. Most importantly though, we're mere days away from the beginning of Attack on Titan Season 2, b*tches!!
  10. Matt Denton's post reminded me, so I split off this year's posts into its own thread so we're all up to date. If you're looking for any of the older posts they're here: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?58941-Anime-What-Are-You-Watching-2013 What anime are you watching, folks?
  11. N-N-N-N-NECRO'D. Only really to put in this unfounded rumour that Studio Ghibli's upcoming film may be it's last feature film. *sad sigh* And if I'm gonna necro this, might aswell say that I'm watching Sword Art Online II, Tokyo Ghoul, The Devil is a Part Timer and Gungrave. OOoh.
  12. Yeah, Mugen's the man! :lol You shouldn't have any trouble picking it all back up again, it took me a year to watch it all originally and it didn't affect anything, it was still nice and easy to follow. Glad you liked it dude! :xyx
  13. DEEESSER I really did like Samurai Champloo, what's not to like though? Mugen wins, he really is a good douchey character :xyx a man I can rally behind, He likes his food and he likes his fights as do we all :lol unfortunately I can't finish it any time soon as they were on my broken laptop (sad days) but luckily they are easy to pick up as the stories don't tend to follow on too much. But yeah thanks for the tip Chris :D
  14. The grimness is no bother really but I'm only a few episodes in so maybe we'll see? I'll give them a look but the chances of me making it through them anytime soon are slim, there's just way too much of everything I need to watch (or I'm told I need to :lol) Maxxy you reminded me I've seen Fist of The North Star too :) Oh and I'm no feeling darker than black :(... Vampire Hunter D was okay
  15. Another good one if you enjoy grimdark stories is Psycho Pass, I think there's a Season 2 or a movie coming this year too. Black Lagoon is great but season 2 gets really disturbing in some points, the first arc in really nasty. Another great series I'm watching is Kill La Kill, it's huge fun if you can get past the rampant fanservice, though for once there is actually at least a thematic justification for why the heroine's super mode turns her clothes into basically a slingback bikini and the group that opposes the big bad is called Nudist Beach. The fights are good and even the moments where the animation is blatantly cutting corners is mostly done in ways that add to the experience.
  16. Right, if you can handle the grimness of Attack on Titan, then I'd suggest going and watching Full Metal Alchemist. It's 50 something episodes and a film to finish it, but it's ace. And depressing. Like, reaaaaally depressing and grim in places. I also recommend Samurai Champloo if you like hip-hop, samurai, graffiti, Japanese history, or any combination therein.
  17. I'm not that big on anime but there are a few I like. Dragon Ball Z, All the Hayao Miyazaki stuff, Fist of the North Star. I don't even know how many times I've watched Akira. I'd put it up there with one of my all time favorite films. Death Note was great and had one of the most suspenseful story lines ever. I started Trigun and watched a few episodes but that's about as far as I got. I'm gonna watch Attack on Titan before I finish that one. Trigun can wait. There are a few others I would like to check out and add to my ever growing list of things I better hurry up and watch before I'm dead.
  18. Berserk is great. And while I'm here, I'm currently watching Ranma 1/2.
  19. I'm rather a novice when it comes to anime, in the past I've watched the obvious more mainstream stuff like Dragonball and Pokemon a few years ago I got through Berserk of which I appear to be the only person who enjoyed it, I've seen spirited away which I don't remember a great deal of but I know I liked it. Akira also which I really really enjoyed I'm sure there is the odd thing I've forgotten and a few I didn't finish like Hellsing (through not having any further eps than those on YouTube because I genuinely was fond of it). I started Attack on Titan yesterday due to Deeser recommending it in another thread I like it so far but I'm not really into the meat of the story yet I don't think. I watched Ninja Scrolls today (yesterday really...) really enjoyed that too i was a tad apprehensive to start but I was really impressed in the end, I am, as I type watching Princess Mononoke which again I'm enjoying, next up are Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust then Darker than Black :)
  20. Heathen! :P My girlfriend agrees with you. Seems shes rather fond of Cowboy Bebop. :lol
  21. She might like Baka test then, it doesn't have the supernatural angle but its a high school harem show the humour is similar. Ladies vs Butlers is a bit racier and don't bother with the short OVAs at all. Though really the high school harem rom com is very popular, there's a lot out there. I'm thinking of getting either Serial Experiment Lain or Paranoia Agent.
  22. She says she liked the story and the semi adult(but not overtly so) nature of it.
  23. Checked out a few episodes of this what is it she's specificly liked about it? Off the top of my head, I'd probably suggest. Baka, test and summon the beasts Ladies vs Butlers Boku x Inu.
  24. It was a joke, hence the smiley and the 'what was I doing?' after it. Really? Dude, look at what I said... smiley... joke...
  25. I'm pretty certain Paul was joking too dude. :lol Lighten up guy! :P

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