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  2. Great WIN for Francis the Hardest hitter since Brock or Cain, and Fedor. That spinning elbom out of the clinch in the 3rd round was very impressive. Have you watched this fight yet?
  3. The hype is understandable, but it comes down to whether the representatives for both athletes want to make this happen. It would be great to see these two fight. Who do you think would bring the superior pure wrestling pedigree to the ring?
  4. Well, I believe that this fight could happen if there is enough goodwill from both teams. It would be a fight of the decade, indeed. Who do you reckon could win this?
  5. I think it will happen. Money talks and the Covid has taken a bite out of wrestling like it has any other sport. Too many people want the money for it not to happen.
  6. I think it could happen if both of them want it to, and what a match that would be! Would Brock be willing to go back to UFC? Well, it is a possibility, yet its also too early to tell. White is right, but I also think he needs to play his part if these two are to fight it out.
  7. I don't care either way. Sorry, but they've both been caught with performance-enhancing substances in their system and in my opinion, they're cheaters, not athletes. Lesnar would be a fool to go for it though. Has he even been training for a real fight? I doubt it.
  8. I haven't been watching WWE much for close to a year now, so I'm out of the loop. Did Lesnar sign a new contract with the WWE? Maybe the possibility of his return to the UFC is being floated around as a tool to secure a more favorable contract during negotiations. I know that Lesnar has done something like that in the past. But yeah, I'd like to see those two face each other in the octagon.
  9. Every few years the rumors start churning as fans salivate over a possible UFC match between Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones. Dana White says he'll support it if Lesnar and Jones want to fight each other. I can't say that I blame White since it's certain to be ratings gold. But do you think both parties will agree? I think Lesnar and Jones might agree on the surface to a fight, but I doubt the match will ever happen. It's just part of the hype machine. What about you? Do you think 2020 or 2021 is when we'll finally see the Beast Incarnate take on Bones?
  10. If this bout ever takes place, whoever knocks the other out (pun intended) will have full bragging rights. It will be a fight decided, not by physical might, but by skill, tact, and psychological strength. Fury still has to fight Deontay Wilder, right?
  11. Both of them are great boxers, but I think Anthony Joshua would win this bout. AJ is yet to respond to Fury, and boxing enthusiasts will want to see this fight happening.
  12. When asked about a potential fight with the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight champion, he told ESPN: "One hundred percent Joshua's not dangerous, at all, he's like a big cuddly baby." The psychological games have begun in earnest. Would a unification bout between the pair be a fight of the century?
  13. @Poppy, I liked it, but I'm into MMA, boxing, and reality television, so it was the perfect match in my book. I adore his wife Paris who is as outrageous as he is.
  14. I'm coming back to ask whether Tyson Fury's reality mini-series is any good. I believe it's called Gypsy King. It delves into his career and big comeback. Has anyone seen it?
  15. Fury has won some impressive titles, just needs to medal at the Olympics, which is up in the air thanks to the coronavirus. Muhammad Ali was nominated for two Grammys, but I don't think he won. Maybe Fury could tie that honor with some sort of nomination for his reality programme.
  16. Back in November 2015, Tyson Fury dethroned Wladimir Klitschko then started battling substance abuse and depression shortly after. He was able to bounce back and dethrone Deontay Wilder to claim the WBC Heavyweight title. Perhaps his willingness to discuss the mental health issues led to the comparison to the late Muhammad Ali, who openly talked about racial injustice.
  17. These types of comparisons are hardly fair. I noticed that Fury's achievements are only said to equal Muhammad Ali's, not surpass them. That's because it's impossible to eclipse a legend, even if it's only nostalgia that makes it so.
  18. The big thing going around right now is about Tyson Fury's career and how his achievements are equal to the achievements of Muhammad Ali. Do you agree? I think Fury is amazing in the ring, but no one will ever come close to Muhammad Ali's legacy.
  19. Tyson is always the underdog. I think we tend to judge boxers by their personalities outside of the ring. I am hoping that it doesn't end in a KO!
  20. I'm going to wait until most of the predictions are in and then go with the underdog at that point. Tyson will be the underdog before the fight. That's my prediction.
  21. I also heard rumours about him wanting to join the MMA. These two are great fighters, and I think it will come down to who hits first, accurately. It might as well end through a KO!
  22. Wilder lands fewer punches, but he also hits harder, which does a lot of damage and almost knocked Fury out during their last bout. Plus, Fury doesn't know what he wants and doesn't seem dedicated to any one pursuit. One minute he's a WWE wrestler and the next, he's fanning rumors that he's looking towards the MMA as his next adventure. Fury is all about the money rather than the sport itself. He's just a brand. All of that coupled with Fury's previous drug use and I think Wilder will come out on top. I think most bookmakers are saying that Fury is slightly more likely to win, so I could be very wrong.
  23. Nah, I think Fury will knock Wilder out during the first few rounds. I think Fury will take it because he lands more punches than Wilder. His accuracy is phenomenal. Why do you think Wilder stands the best chance?
  24. I'm not as into it as I was the last time they fought. Now it just seems so commercialized. I think Deontay Wilder will take the win, but it will be a hard battle for him. Do you guys think they'll last through all the rounds again?
  25. I don't agree with the political views that he spouts all the time, but Tyson Fury is fun to watch. His last match was a bit of a joke, it was more of an exhibition than a fight, but this one should be spectacular. Fury has done well in the WWE. I wonder if his focus has changed enough to give Deontay Wilder an advantage.
  26. Anthony Joshua working with Fury will rile Wilder; will we ever see these two in a fight? It will be fun to watch this, for sure! The current WBC champion will want to better his record while Fury will want to prove his critics wrong. What is your prediction?

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