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My Ayaneo 2 saved what could've been a disaster-trip.


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I tried to cancel my Ayaneo 2 before it shipped because of a lot of the early reports I've seen on the subreddit. I never heard back from the company and it arrived 3 days before I had a week-long work trip. It ended up working out great, and the timing couldn't have been better. Both trips had very long layovers, and on my way back I experienced flight cancellations and delays that pushed back my arrival by 12 hours. The Ayaneo salvaged the trip.

I made more progress playing A Plague Tale on this trip than at home over the last few months. For most of the time I spent playing, the Ayaneo 2 was able to hit 50-60 FPS on high-performance settings and 28 TDP (smart TDP enabled). The worst of it was one specific section of the game, which still never dropped below 30. For this chapter, I changed the settings to not go above 30 FPS and it remained stable until bumping it back up to 60 again for the next chapter.


Depending on how you plan on using it, there may be some annoyances. While on this trip, it was a mostly stock experience. I ran into a few small bugs, but as a pure handheld, it was close to issue-free. Most of my issues are self-inflicted since I am trying to remove the Ayaneo 2 software & apps, and tailor it to my preferences. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try to really tailor it to your liking, I've been using this guide, which has been a huge help.

This is the first new gadget I bought for myself that gave me that Christmas feeling in a long time. If you have any questions, let me know!

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