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Scottish Football 2014/15

Guest Magic

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Well they're not going up automatically. And then it will come down to playing a top flight side in the play offs, who are battling for survival. Very real possibility that they could struggle and not go up.


Edit: Although what would be REALLY funny is if the Hibees find some form and they are outside of the top two. That really would be the icing on the jelly.

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Aw really, that's a shame. My dreams have been crushed then. As sh*t as they are, they'd have to do something pretty special to not get in the top four.


For some reason I had it in my head that it was just second vs the SPL side for the last promotion spot. But then I haven't paid proper attention to Scottish Football for about 10 years so I can forgive myself for not knowing how the ridiculously convoluted league structure works these days.


So essentially its probably gonna be a fatal four way between Rangers, Hibs, probably Queen of the South and either St Mirren/Ross County for the last spot. That'll be fun, I really hope Hibs come back up. There would be something beautiful in it for me if both the Edinburgh sides beat Rangers back into the top flight.

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It's SPFL. It's weird - 4th in Championship plays 3rd, home and away. Winner of that, plays 2nd in Championship, home and away. Winner of that plays the Premier League club, home and away. So, your Premier League club essentially has 2 byes, and if you finish 3rd or 4th, to get up, you have to play 6 games!


Bless our mental league system, where that is allowed, and we have the mental top/bottom split...

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