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What game are you currently playing?


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Guest The Beltster
I picked up and finished The Order 1886. Definitely better than the 6.5 IGN gave it but not by much. I'd go 7 - 7.5 max. Its basically like an interactive movie, lots of story, cutscenes with a bit of cover based shooting and traversing thrown in. The visuals are gorgeous, maybe the best graphics I've ever seen. Overall, when its in the bargain bin for £20 in 6 weeks, its worth a punt.
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I have waited for the patches and what not to make AC: Unity playable and so far it has been good, but not all they promised but then again what game is these days?


I have Walking Dead Season 2, The Crew, the second episode of Game of Thrones to do as well, plus Rayman Legends which was the free X-Box Live Gold download this month and pretty soon, Borderlands: The Handsome Jack collection too.

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Has anyone played Alien Isolation? I'm tempted to get it but I've read a lot of mixed reviews.

I personally don't play any games like that, in essence they are just scripted jump scares, there's no real way to "play" the game. Comparably AI is better because you can fight back against the enemies but you can't kill anything either. I'd rather play something like Dayz where other players are your main enemy because the game is never predictable.

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I picked up Formula 1 2014 for £20 yesterday. the last version of the game i had was 2010 so there is more than enougth to warrant me picking it up.


Started a season with Marussia and came 21st out of 22 in my first race in Australia. While on paper it looks pretty poor I'm more than happy with that on my debut, going to attempt Malaysia and Bahrain later today. I'll post updates as i go along.

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