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What are you listening to at the moment?

Guest MillionLiraMan

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Guest MillionLiraMan


I could have dragged up the old thread but I thought it might be nice to make a fresh start with this. I thought about this after Peter Richards posted on the guitar thread as I thought it was coold that he was listening to Satriani and Vai, whereas by chance I was listening to his usual choices of Pantera and Chimaira, with a bit of Machine Head thrown in as well.


I've recently been listening to:


Pantera - Cowboys From Hell; Mouth For War; A New Level; Walk; F***ing Hostile, 5 Minutes Alone, I'm Broken; Revolution Is My Name


Damageplan - Wake Up; Breathing New Life; New Found Power; F*** You; Explode; Save Me


Machine Head - Old; Days Turn Blue To Gray; The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears


Chimaira - Cleansation; Power Trip; Pure Hatred; Down Again


Arch Enemy - Silent Wars; We Will Rise; Despicable Heroes

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Guest eyes_adrift

Recently i've been listening to


Beers, steers and Queers by The Revolting Cocks.


Blind Melon by Blind Melon.


A 3 disc compilation album of Billie Holiday (can't remember the name).


Blue Skys For The Red Sun by Kyuss.


A Bustle In Your Hedgerow by Down.

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Guest The Crippler
I've been listening to Manic Street Preachers a lot the last few days after going to see them on Monday. Mainly 'Generation Terrorists' and 'The Holy Bible'. Also been listening to Bloc Party who I like a lot.
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Funeral For A Friend: Casually Dressed AndDeep In Conversation

The Used: In Love And Death

The Killers: Hot Fuss

Green Day: American Idiot

Evanescence: Anywhere But Home

Metallica: S&M

U2: Best Of: 1980-90

U2: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

Slpknot: Volume 3: The Sublimanal Verses

Sum 41: Chuck


Thats about it at the moment... I'm feeling very musical at the moment...

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Guest BWS Soldier

Xzibit - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Eminem - Encore

Chingy - Powerballin'

Nelly - Sweat

Ja Rule - R.U.L.E


five great Albums in my mind

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Downloaded Jimmy Eat World - Futures today and I'm impressed. I have Bleed American (renamed to J.E.W. after 9/11) and love it so I got Futures as well. And there just as good!


Also am listening to....

Blink 182 - Blink 182

Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography (don't ask me why)

Razorlight - Up All Night

Snow Patrol - Final Straw

Metallica - Live At Download mp3 set download


Eminem - Encore.

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Recently i have been listening to:

Get In The Ring by H-Blockx

Floored by Sugar Ray

Music and Me by Nate Dogg

and The Hundred Greatest TV Themes :xyx


None of which are recent, but sometimes its good just to stick on a few older albums and just chill.

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Keane-Hopes and fears

The Killers-Hot Fuss

Snow Patrol-Final Straw

TRUStcompany-The Lonely Position of Neutral


Cold-13 Ways to Bleed Onstage

Cold-year of the Spider



Puddle of Mudd-Come Clean

Lost prophets-Start Something

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Guest The Gentleman

AFI: All Hallows Ep, Black Sails in the Sunset & The Art of Drowning

Berzerker: Dissimulate

NOFX: The Decline

Atreyu: The Curse

Various bits and bobs by Motley Crue, God Forbid, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Stone Roses & Nile.

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Guest eyes_adrift

The last two days i have been listening to

The Who - The Ultimate Colection.

Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On.

DJ Dangermouse and Jay Z - The Grey Album.

The Exploited - Live On Stage.

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust.

G.B.H. - Leather Studs And Bristols.

Regina Spektor - Songs.

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I'll name singles rather than albums...


Uniting Nations - 'Out Of Touch'

Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Numb Encore

Electric Six - Radio Ga Ga

Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar

Graham Coxon - Freaking Out

Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine

Mushroomhead - Crazy

Static X - The Only

William Shatner - Common People

Phil Collins - Easy Lover

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I'll admit. As of late I have I have been listening to an awful lot of Breaking Benjamin's album "We are not alone". My favourite tracks being 'Forget It' and 'Firefly'.


This may not be to everyone's taste but I suggest you go check it out

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

Uniting Nations - Out Of Touch

Michael Gray - The Weekend

Christmas Songs

Party Songs

Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For?

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