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Marvel vs Capcom 2

Guest Reno

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Ahhh the memories... Now I can re-live them thanks to the full game being released on the PSN last night, and the 360 earlier in the month.


Has anyone got it? What do you think?


I'm loving it, but I really forgot how crap I was at the game back when I had it on PS2. I find it a shame that I can't work to unlock characters, but it does make it a little easier for when I want have friends over to play. I also forgot how cheesy the jazzy fighting music was.


Also, if anyone wants a game over the PS3, feel free to add me, username is in the Gaming Tags thread. :)

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Guest Dr. ZERO

Love it love it love it love it!


Love it!


It's incredibly fast paced, surprised me how much so. It's just a lot of good fun, really, a classic example of easy to learn, hard to master. Though people spamming assist moves (or just plain playing as Captain Commando) online are tits.


Unfortunately I've got it for the 360 so can't play with ye' Reno, but that there's an open challenge to any 360 owners!

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Guest big pau hoolinator
Got this the other day and I am diabolical at it, i am pretty handy on street fighter 4 but i dont even know the buttons for this game or anything, need to do some research and try and man up on it soon
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Guest Chriscare

Love this game, my favourite 2d fighter of all time. Got it on 360 the day it came out, sadly I don't have Live anymore, but whupped quite a few peeps while it lasted.


I'd highly reccomend the 3 some of Zangief, Iron Man and Ryu to all. I love Zangief, and this and Street Fighter 4 are deffo him at his best.

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