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I saw the trailer yesterday, but I still don't know how to feel about it today. It looks nice, but it feels strange, and it sounds even stranger. I don't dislike it, but I don't know what to expect of the movie either.


What about you?

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It's cute! Some will probably dislike it, but that Pikachu is just like how I imagine he will be if he ever comes out to the real world. I thought he would have fewer expressions than what we saw on the trailer. I hope his "pika pika" voice is the one we'll hear through the movie, but I think I can live with Reynolds' voice. I just have to stop thinking about Deadpool in my head every time he talks.
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I just have to stop thinking about Deadpool in my head every time he talks.

I remember many fun scenes from Deadpool, so it's going to feel weird when such a cute creature reminds me of the hot fun mess which is Deadpool. With a plot which doesn't seem related to catching monsters at all, we are probably going for something completely different than the usual Pokemon.

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That's the thing about Reynolds' Deadpool and other character voices. It's easy for him to sound snarky, which is what I do not connect to Pikachu!

What do you think if they plan on making that kind of image for the live-action version of Pikachu? I am not familiar with the original materials, but Pikachu is usually cute but not very bright there as far as I know. Creating a talkative, crazy-but-in-a-funny-way Pikachu for the movie may actually become the charm of the film.

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