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Gaming and breathing noise


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I always get stuffy this time of year and my wheezing comes through loud and clear while gaming. I hate being able to hear it myself, so I imagine it must annoy others as well. Is there anything I can do to limit my breathing noise? I've tried moving my mic around, but that hasn't made much of a difference. I've tried keeping it off, but someone usually asks a question or something where I need to respond and my headset doesn't make it easy to turn it off and on while playing. Any suggestions for how to fix this or any recommendations for a better headset that will sort this out?
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If you're playing on a computer, look for a push to talk feature on your games or the voice-chat program you're using and give that a shot. Then you just hold down the button of your choosing like a walkie-talkie and speak, then let go and you're muted again.


I dunno if that's an option for console gaming, I don't play consoles at all. If it's not, I'd suggest looking at ways to improve your condition. Especially if it's a yearly thing. Perhaps it's allergies? Mine flare up bad a couple times a year as we change seasons, and I have to take extra allergy medication for a bit to suppress it. I usually go and get a steroid injection or prescription as well, which really helps calm down allergy symptoms drastically and quickly.

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