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Guest North

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We have some trailers for the new game for those who haven't seen them:


Looking good, alright. For a player who's not really into the franchise, this remake seems like a worthy purchase. If I do buy it, though, I'll have to stick through several titles since it's going to have several parts. That's where I'm concerned.


Who's planning to pre-order the game?

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I haven't heard about it having several parts. They'd kill themselves if they release the game that way. I imagine it's all 1 game.


Regardless, I dunno how I feel. I played and beat original FF7 all the way through, extra stuff and all. I love the updated graphics, but I don't know how I feel about the drastic playstyle change. I have played RPG's that play that way before and enjoyed it, but it's just different.


I may eventually try it.

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@Zack T I don't mean the parts like how Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV. This one game won't contain the whole story of the original, so we'll see more soon. But nobody knows if they decide to do it just like XV again. (I'll be really angry if they do.)


Are you worried about the battle system? It looks like a session of button smashing, similar to XV. Considering my unsatisfactory experience with XV, I am concerned as well, but I hope they learn from past mistakes.

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I'm not worried about it in terms of playability, it's just that it's so different from FF7 and older FF games in that they used to be turn-based RPG games. So to go from turn-based RPG to full on action game, that's a bit of a disconnect for me given that it's the same game in name and story (mostly).
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Well, I guess the developers don't want to waste the platform since it's capable of things greater than a turn-based system. Looking at the video, there seems to be some kind of bars, probably for purposes like in the original game. Are we getting a mix of the two systems? (How is that going to look like, though?)
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