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Guest Wild4U
I'm thinking about buying an aromatherapy oil or candle for my sister's birthday. (As far as I know, she's into beauty-related stuff, but not aromatherapy.) I'm not a big fan of it, but I've heard of the positive effects. I'm just not sure which types I need to get.
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I don't buy into the woo aspects of it, but I do think certain scents can be comforting, energizing, or whatever. I think It's mostly due to your perception of that scent from childhood memories. Does your sister have a favorite scent? If it was me, I'd probably go with a gift card out of fear that I'd pick the wrong scent.
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It feels nice being around fresh coffee or cookies just out of the oven. Peeling oranges is pretty great, too. Not sure how I feel about those aromatherapy machines. Might just be bad timing, but the scents from the ones I walk by are overpowering.
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……... the smell of coffee and bacon always gets me going in the morning.


From Wikipedia: "Aromatherapy is a pseudoscience based on the usage of aromatic materials, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds, with claims for improving psychological or physical well-being."


So if you want to get technical, the smell of coffee in the morning is a form of aromatherapy. The psychological well-being aspect being that you're feeling better knowing the coffee is on the way.


That being the case, yes, I practice aromatherapy every morning.

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