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Justin Beiber got married


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When he burst to the scene, most people wondered whether he was too young for the big stage. Within no time, everyone knew about him and what a massive following he has managed to accumulate over time! Do you agree with people that say he is still too young for marriage?
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Mate, you're about a year and something late with this. He married one of the Baldwin girls. Fans speculate that Selena Gomez is heartbroken. What can I say, I look after my niece fairly often, and she chats about the bloke all the time.
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I think Justin Beiber just has that look, that baby face, where he will always look too young for whatever he does. Too young to get married, divorced, retire...……..heck, Justin Beiber will be too young to die when he's 105.

Heck, this is so true. In our heads, Bieber will always be that young boy. Last I heard, he was trying to woo Selena Gomez back; at some point, I thought they were going to get married. Good for them, even though the bloke seems to have broken the hearts of a lot of young girls.

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Yes, yuck to this dude's music. But is he too young to marry? Maybe. It would be nice to see his wife and him buck the celebrity marriage expectations and last for a few decades.

There are a lot of people (celebrities included) who get married at a young age, but it seems everyone believes that he is too young for this. Who knows, he could prove us wrong over time.

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