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PS4 or Xbox One?


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You could call it a matter of preference, but then these two consoles are both worth buying, considering that they both contain great exclusives apart from the ability to game in VR. If you had to make a choice, which one would you opt for, irrespective of the difference in prices?
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In your situation, I'd wait until the PS5 was released, then I'd buy the PS4 at a steep discount because you know they'll go on sale. I'd go with the PlayStation over the Xbox in general because it has more games to choose from. I wouldn't jump on the PS5 as soon as it comes out because it's bound to have problems that will be fixed with firmware updates within the first few months or so.
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Ok, so from the perspective of someone who has both an xbox 1s and a ps4, though neither and xbox 1x or ps pro, I'd say it comes down to 2 considerations. The most important is : what do you want to play? And by this I mean the bullshit that is exclusives. In the current gen, PS4 has this on lockdown. Spidey, God of War etc, etc, we've heard it a million times. And that is all true. But, the second is : if you're going to subscribe (as in, pay monthly), and I really can't recommend this enough, the xbox gold + game pass is the fucking bomb. All the exclusives on day 1, a massive back catalog and Xbox or PC? Sony just can't touch that. Bear in mind, this is from someone who accidentally renewed their PS+ subscription until 2024, and thought, well, shit, I'd have done that anyway.
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@lymmo Well, they're starting to bridge the gap between consoles and PC's. Hardware wise, it seems like Sony are a bit stuck. Their single model is probably going to be at or around the same price as the high end xbox.... which spanks it in performance terms. As someone who bleeds blue, it actually hurts to say that.


Microsoft have made all the right moves in terms of user friendly features (cross play, play anywhere etc.), their subscription services piss all over Sony's from a dizzying height, and they seem to have learned all the lessons they needed to from the XBone's botched launch and subsequent trouncing in this generation. That hi/lo split is a stroke of genius too.


When it comes to exclusives, that's a battle for Sony to lose. Between god of War 2 and Spider-man 2, they practically guarantee a huge uptake in the hardware themselves. That said, if Microsofts' relationship with Nintendo eventually sees those two releasing cross platform versions of what were previously exclusive franchises (Zelda on xbox, halo on switch etc.) then that would work to negate Sony's dominance to some extent. As good as Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Mario vs Rabbids are, not to mention Mario Kart, the Switch is the one console I don't own.


As for what I'll be remortgaging my house to buy come holiday season.... I have enough equity to get both :p Though, realistically, it'll probably be an xbox series x, especially if the rumors about steam, epic games and GOG Galaxy are true... I have so many games on steam and GOG it's not even a consideration. Well, until GOW2 or Spidey 2 launches and I sell a kidney to buy a PS5.

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