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I'm an essential worker, so still working. I'm grateful for that to be honest. I have savings, but if this thing carries on as long as they say it will, I would eventually struggle if I only received 80% of my pay. Some employers are doing their best to give the remaining 20% to their workers, but I can't imagine that's sustainable long term. All I can think right now is that I'm glad I have no children because it would be devastating to have one of them get sick or to lose my income and have them suffer. I'm keeping an eye on my brothers as a couple of them followed our parent's old-fashioned Catholic tradition of having loads of kids. We're a family that pulls together and I'm hoping we'll be able to balance out financially.
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I'm still working too. There are some people here that are not working. They are on stand by status and they are being paid as if they were working. I don't mind working because there are only about half of us. Other than work I only go to the grocery store.
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I'm working from home and going crazy doing it. I'm thankful for the income, but it's much tougher than I thought it would be. It's easier to discuss things face-to-face when you can pick up the person's tone and body language to discern intent and as cues for how you should react. I can't adequately illustrate just how long our Slack communications have become since moving away from the traditional workplace. Edited by DandyMandy
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Working from home is now a global phenomenon. Companies that weren't too receptive of this idea are now having to resort to it. The main challenge is in planning your time and avoiding distractions. Like @DandyMandy says, face-to-face interactions at the workplace make it easier to handle some tasks.
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