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What is your favourite anime?

Guest TatSamBong

What is your favourite anime out of the 5 options?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite anime out of the 5 options?

    • Bible Black
    • My neighbour Totoro
    • Kyo Karah Maoh
    • Mobile suit Zeta Gundam
    • other (please mention)

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Guest Anime Otaku

Soooo much anime, soooo little time.


Neon genesis Evangelion

Perfect Blue

Love Hina


Martian Successor Nadesico

Princess Mononoke

Read or Die


Thats some of my favourites.

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Guest Anime Otaku
At least one of them is porno I'm sure.


Either Guyver or Vampire Hunter D!

I almost got Vampire Hunter D a few weeks ago, got Blood the last vampire instead. Need to see Guyver as well.

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Initiad D:

I’m a bonafied gear-head and a sucker for reality. The realism in this and the actual technical information hook me, and the art is ridiculous. So much thought goes into this, and Rysouke is a great character.




Gundam Wing:

Best characters out of any anime I have read/watched. Perfectly drawn out plot and added drama that is missing from a lot of anime’s. Herro is an amazing character, he can go through endless evolution.


G Gundam (well…no so much):

Was great for the shallow plot, the whole nations sending their best to compete for control. The one on one battles contained some cool strategy and really cool settings. Although they tried too hard to make the main character interesting and the anime itself dark, it still rates.



Dragon Ball Z (GT sucked):

Wow. Basic Superman-esque plot, GREAT enemies, and epic battles. The characters lacked a little depth, but the enemies were great. From Radditz to Vegeta, then the amazing Freiza to the greatness that is Cell. Was brilliantly paced.


Ruroni Kenshin:

Kenshin is a great character. I angry I never got to see more while it was on Cartoon Network, but it was still damn good. The battles drew watchers in and all of them told stories. The best part was everything that they did always came into play later on. Some really cool dark battles too.

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Trigun - a taste headie anime. Did Adult Swim ever air the entire thing? Not that I haven't seen it in the original Japanese :D


DragonBall the original (Z started out good enough, but dragged on too long and got too repetitive)


Naruto - Ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Deffinately not to be judged upon the English translation *shudders*


One Piece - okay, so I only liked the manga, but when talking about my love for ninja's I must also bring up my fancy for all things pirate


Neon Genisis Evangelion - the only good giant fighting robot anime I've seen... next to Big O :lol

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Doomed Megalopolis This was one of Manga video's first releases back in '93. A four part OAV, it was dubbed - but I didn't know any better back then! I still have the tapes somewhere.


The Guyver I started to buy this one not long after DM but I really didn't think the animation was up to par and the format in which it was released - one half-hour episode a month, I think - made it faaaaar too expensive.


Skip on a few years...


Naruto This was the first one I saw when I decided to start downloading anime a couple of summers ago when I was off work with a broken leg. It's awesome fun but it's gone on far too long.


Hunter X Hunter If anything, I prefer this to Naruto. Quite a similar premise - lots of fighting and "leveling-up" but it's got a charming naiveté that makes Naruto seem coldly calculating in comparison.


Prince of Tennis It's about a kid who plays tennis. It's fab.


Air Probably the very best anime I've seen. A bittersweet tale that I won't spoil. It being a twelve-part TV series probably helps me love it as, unlike PoT or Naruto, I know it has a proper story arc that I'll see the end of.


*YOINKS!* Shows how long it's been since I've kept up with Anime. Just checked AnimeSuki.com and there's a two-part Air Summer Special and a movie! Must... watch...

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Am I the only person who finds Anime incredibly creepy and weird.


And the comics aren't much better!


Boom boom! :D











That was a joke by the way.

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