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The Even newer all new desktop thread

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Long Term posters will recall the Desktop and all new desktop threads that were popular breifly last year. Well time to see if there is renewed interest.


First mine, this background is the beach I spend most of my Summers on, it is only 5 minutes from my house by Car. It is called Portmarnock beach.



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Here's mine:



Bit early I know, but I really want decs up, but not allowed, so getting all my christmasness out of me on my computer. Blame whoever it is that put me in a christmassy mood:P


I've been making a lot of backgrounds recently. This has ended up having quite a lot more hours work, and grrrrrrr's put into. It seems a shame to not put it up now.


After xmas I'll probably be icon hunting aswell. As I need ones that will work with the rest of my backgrounds.

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Did anyone tidy up their desktop before putting it up on here? :P


No, I just hoped that the two .wmv files at the bottom left of my desktop would go unnoticed.



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Did anyone tidy up their desktop before putting it up on here? :P


Nope, that's my normal desktop. I tidyed it up when I installed new icons, as it looked crappy them being so many different colours,and styles. I'm definately not keen on the WMP player icon. But I can't find one better, and I like having my WMP icon on my desktop. And if you mean by the whole ruining the page by the size thing. I couldn't be bothered to work out how to turn it into a thumbnail, as not many others had:P

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How do you get different styles to your desktop? Not the wallpaper, but the start bar and such.


Well you see dear Raymundo, only cool people can have different styles on their desktop, and I'm afraid you're not one of them.


I kid, I kid. :D


Just get Style XP. :)

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