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New Years Resolutions

Guest Nicole

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Anybody thought of what they are going to set as there resolutions this year?


I know I've got a few so far:



1) Clear my catalogue debts. It's £250, which may not sound like a lot to some, but the interest is a killer. Hopefully I'll be sorted by February

2) Pay off the remainder of my provident loan (£150)

3) Find a job!! and start saving towards the new place and the goodies inside

4) Be more organised in my shopping and stop buying food that'll never be eaten!! Try and cut down my food shopping maybe (don't know how I can do this, I only spend a fiver a week!)

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Guest Al Stevens

I have a couple


a) Lose weight ( i know thats a bog standard one however i really do want to lose some weight and going back to wrestling training and also playing and training for cricket in the new year is going to help that)


a.1) With the improved health and weight lost then i have the aim of getting booked onto a roster for the wrestling or even doing a whole season at cricket


b) be more prepared for uni work, i mean this year in a whole i did really pants at uni and i want to improve so it improves my chances to get to the 3rd year and everything


c) See more gigs last year it was pretty good near the end of the year however i want to see more bands play live and i dunno maybe go to a festival or something.


d) Get my band off the ground and running myself and Sam have already got written close to 11 songs or so written so i would love to get ourself into rehearsals get everything nice and tight do some gigs and then record a demo

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

1) Lose 2-3 stone in weight - This is very important to me because I have been overweight for too long now,I make no excuses for it but know it's not an impossible task to drop some of it.


2) Get A Job - It's frustrating not being able to afford things that my best friend can buy without a second thought so I want to get back into employment.


3) Stop Caring What Strangers Think Of Me - I don't know about you guys and girls but it really bugs me when people give me looks in the street that are not smiles,do I look bad or something? I need to knock this on the head and stop caring what someone who I probably won't see again thinks.


4) Spend more money on clothes and skincare - I have quite a few very nice items of clothing but you can't have too many clothes and I definitely need to take care of my skin better!

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Ive put on about 15 pounds over the last 6 months which has me at just over 230. Ideally Id like to get down to around 200.


Thats about it really.


Oh, apart from earn enough money from poker to call it a second income.

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Guest The Beltster

MVP, if you are having skin issues mate, get down to the docs and see if he/she will put you on a course for 6 months of Oxytetracycline. It can be very good stuff.


As for me, I should really eat healthy. I dont have any idea what my colesterol is, but I expect its through the roof which isnt good.

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I don't normally bother, but there are 2 things i REALLY need to do:


- Learn to drive

- Get down the gym reguarly.


I also wanna recrd an EP with my band. At long last.

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Guest dpddave

I love watching all the new people that join the gym in January and 90% of them are never to be seen again come Feburary :lol


Im just gonna keep doing what Im doing. Why wait until the start of the New Year to kick your bad habits.....whats wrong with today???

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