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Who can everyone agree on that they like?

Guest lilmisselectric

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Guest lilmisselectric

This is something that was brought up on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show yesterday and I thought it was an interesting topic for conversation.

They wanted to find someone that everyone could agree on that they liked, and they found it was harder than they thought. They suggested people like:

Will Smith, Jeff Sterling, Phil and Fern, Richard Hammond, Bruce Forsyth to name but a few but they found there were people out there that had reasons why they didn't like the people they suggested.


So I put it to you, who do you guys think is the one person that everyone can agree on that they like?

My vote goes to the coolest man on the planet Mr Samuel L Jackson :)


Any suggestions?

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Guest FreeSpirit

Hopefully no one.


If everyone agreed on something, the world would become a very boring place fast. I think Jessica Alba is sexy as hell, but there's people out there who hate her for many different reasons, and differing opinions makes for good discussion.

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I hate Lee Evans, so you're clearly wrong. :lol


I agree, he needs to stop acting like a psychopaththen we'll see how "funny" he is. One trick pony!


Let's try:


Bill Bailey!

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Guest Anime Otaku

Colbert and Fry are awesome!


I doubt anyone could dislike Ai Kago (if they know who she is)


slightly off topic but can we all agree that no one likes Uwe Boll?

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Guest Kanenite
I highly doubt there would be someone who everybody likes. Depp and Pesci have to be close though as suggested. I can't see why people would dislike them.
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Not many people will know who Stephen Colbert is. I don't dislike him, I'm just not American, therefore I don't really care about his 'outrageous' political satire.
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