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The Matches


Winner takes all triple threat match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship and the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship

Ronda Rousey (c, Raw) vs. Charlotte Flair (c, SmackDown) vs. Becky Lynch


WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar © vs. Seth Rollins


WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan © vs. Kofi Kingston


No Holds Barred match

If Triple H loses, he must retire from in-ring competition

Triple H vs. Batista


AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton


Falls Count Anywhere match

Shane McMahon vs. The Miz


Angle’s farewell match

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin


WWE United States Championship

Samoa Joe © vs. Rey Mysterio


WWE Intercontinental Championship

Bobby Lashley © vs. Finn Bálor


Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) © vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder


Fatal four-way tag team match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) © vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev


Fatal four-way tag team match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

The Boss 'n' Hug Connection (Bayley and Sasha Banks) © vs. The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix and Natalya) vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) vs. Nia Jax and Tamina


WWE Cruiserweight Championship [PRE-SHOW]

Buddy Murphy © vs. Tony Nese


André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal [PRE-SHOW]


WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal [PRE-SHOW]

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Some people are really getting the shaft at Mania this year, despite there being 15 matches. Braun Strowman is at his 4th Mania now I think. 1st Mania, he was part of the Wyatt Family I believe and watched from the outside as Erick Rowan lost to The Rock in 4 seconds. The next year, he seemed to be a safe bet to win the Andre Battle Royal but was unceremoniously eliminated midway through and Mojo ended up winning. Last year he did have something of a moment with the tag titles, it was pretty dope, but it didn't lead anywhere as he had to vacate the titles the next night (Nicholas had school, couldn't be traveling and defending the titles after all). And now this year he's stuck in the Andre Battle Royal again in a weird feud with celebrities. On the bright side, he probably will win, but still, where does he go from here? He's been doing near nothing for the last couple of months.


Kevin Owens is getting shafted too. He gets brought back for a WWE title match that we all knew he wouldn't win, and now he has nothing going on heading into Mania. As it is right now, he's not even booked for the ARMBAR or anything else.


The Hardy Boys get reunited on Smackdown and claim they're going after the SD tag titles as that's the final tag championships they need on their world conquest of gold...and then get left out of the Smackdown title match in favor of Ricochet and Aleister Black - Who I'm happy for, it's cool they got lucky and get to be on Mania so soon after debuting, but really this isn't where they should be. They're not a damn tag team!


Asuka got it probably the worst of everyone though - She was heading towards an SD Women's title match defense, but then she loses via tap out AGAIN to Charlotte, and is now thrown in the women's battle royal. Will she win? Honestly, probably not.


So sad.

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Guest theVman
Asuka got it probably the worst of everyone though


Ive never bought into Asuka, i dont think she is as lethal as the wwe want us to believe she is. Im glad she lost the title, i think it was shame it was to Charlotte thou and that its got wrapped up in the whole Becky/Ronda thing. I would have rather the smackdown womens titles stayed separate and had its own defence at WM. At one point i thought they were gonna have Asuka say "no one is ready for Asuka" and she would prove it by putting her title on the line in the Battle Royal. The could literally stick the title on anyone they want then, even an NXT supserstar, or Lacey Evans who they clearly want to do something with.



Braun Strowman is at his 4th Mania now I think.


Braun is a big shame that he hasnt had that big WM moment yet. I think the problem is as soon as they stick a world title on him, wrestling fans will be immediately "sick of him" and "tierd of the wwe pushing Braun". I feel like keeping him away from the main event is giving longevity to Bruans career but 4 years is pushing it.


The shame of it is - you cant have every superstar at Wrestlemania.

Kevin Owens hasnt been there for a while and others have, maybe KO shouldnt be on the show. Maybe KO is still not fully recovered and ready to return to the ring full time. Wrestlemania is a time to bring a few legends back and if Batista is in (weather we want him or not), then unfortunately that means someone elses spot is gone. If the WWE think those Saturday Night guys are gonna generate some interest in WM then i guess that means that there will be two less NXT guys in the Battle Roayle or maybe Konnor and Victor wont get their Wrestlemania payday.

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Guest theVman

Oh and there is a match missing

WWE.com are advertising Hawkins and Ryder vs The Revival for the Raw Tag Titles

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Asuka in NXT was fierce and awesome. Several excellent matches against the likes of Nikki Cross, Mickie James, Ember Moon and Bayley. Sadly, she's been utterly squandered on the main roster.
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As mentioned previously, I'm looking forward to the women's title match and that's about it. I know we're going to get some good-to-great matches on the night but I'm not as hyped as I would normally be for WrestleMania. I'm sure once the show gets going and the whole spectacle of it unfolds I'll begin to enjoy it more, hopefully!


Oh and there is a match missing

WWE.com are advertising Hawkins and Ryder vs The Revival for the Raw Tag Titles


That's been added now. Surprisingly that's made the main show, the 3 matches on the pre-show have been confirmed as both Battle Royals and the Cruiserweight title match. I thought with the men's Battle Royal having the celeb involvement they'd save that for the main show. I guess that could mean we see Curt Hawkins end his losing streak at WrestleMania...


Asuka in NXT was fierce and awesome. Several excellent matches against the likes of Nikki Cross, Mickie James, Ember Moon and Bayley. Sadly, she's been utterly squandered on the main roster.


Asuka was on another level in NXT, easily the best women on the entire roster for me. As you've said, hasn't done much on the main shows but we all know (those that have seen her matches on NXT) just what she's capable of.

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Guest MissRattlehead
I am looking forward to the women match but don't think it should be the main event. After all the build up it should be Kofi vs Daniel or Seth vs Brock.
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Bret was attacked by a fan during the Hart Foundation HOF speech last night:


Good to see the Superstars react so quickly. Can't believe someone would actually do that though! Considering Bret had to retire due to concussions...then he had his stroke...then his cancer.

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I watched the pre-show last night and WrestleMania this afternoon.




- Really surprised to see Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese get some decent crowd reaction, was happy for them. Was surprised Murphy lost as Tony is kinda bland, but guess it's a hometown win.


- Women's Battle Royal wasn't anything special, I was shocked when it looked like Sarah Logan won, even when Carmella got in the ring I was wondering who she was at first :p Another hometown win.


- I thought the Raw tag titles match was going to be on the main show but I didn't mind so much as the audience looked pretty full by this point. Thought this was a good match, the crowd enjoyed it, another hometown win!


- Men's Rumble went pretty much as I expected. I wonder how much Colin Jost and Michael Che got paid for their involvement :)




- I thought we might get a Hogan appearance, the crowd seemed to enjoy it.


- Thought it was a good idea to put Seth/Brock first since we had 3 big wins on the night, so best to spread them out. I really thought Brock was going to retain, so was cool to see Seth win again. The match was OK.


- AJ/Randy was good, nothing special though.


- Glad to see The Usos retain, think all the teams looked good in this.


- Shane/Miz got off to an iffy start but they built it up well and finish with a cool spot, although with Shane winning, I guess this feud is going to continue.


- I was happy to see The Iconics win :-O


- Kofi/Daniel was a good match, the crowd got really into it, but have to admit, I enjoyed the NXT title match from Friday more.


- I guess Rey is still injured, hence the quick finish, I didn't mind as it makes Samoa Joe look strong. However, considering the number of matches he's lost over the past year I don't think it will make much difference as it will be business as usual on Smackdown.


Reigns/McIntyre was OK.


- Seeing Cena rapping again was a nice touch, so much better than if he had come out as his usual self.


- Poor Batista tripping on the ropes just getting in the ring! :-O Thought the match was OK, I wasn't ever interested in it so it wasn't anything special for me.


- Don't think the fans thought Baron would win. The match was alright, again, nothing special.


- Finn/Bobby had some nice moment but again, just alright for me.


- Main event - Thought this was good but felt the finish really let it down. Couldn't they let Becky win clean?


Overall, it was alright. I didn't have any high expectations so I wasn't expecting much. There was nothing particularly bad...it was just all OK, nothing memorable for me. I know with Seth, Kofi and Becky having their big wins, it should mean something - it just felt flat to me - that could be due to the 7+ hour runtime though.

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"Now the rest of the show is gonna feel dull because everyone got the moment they were waiting for midway through."

That's a good way of summarizing how I felt as I watched this today, someone else said it on another forum I go to.


I watched the Pre-Show and 2 matches on the main card on Sunday, then watched the rest on Monday.


Tony/Murphy was ok. Crowd didn't care at all for it, so that might be why I didn't either (which sucks because I think both guys are great). Surprised Tony won, but alright.


Raw Tag titles - While this was a fairly fun match and it got a solid reaction, I feel like it would've been better to save for Raw after Mania...especially since they basically just did it again on Raw anyway. Whatever though, it's fine, good for Hawkins and Ryder.


Women's Battle Royal - I actually didn't see this, but apparently I didn't miss anything. Carmella wins? Why? Did they just pick a name out of a hat?


Andre Battle Royal - Braun finally won. Too bad the guy hasn't had an actual Mania moment. This is his 4th Mania and each time Mania comes around, he somehow gets lost in the shuffle. The 1st Mania, he was with the Wyatts so that's alright. 2nd Mania, he was in Andre battle royal and got unceremoniously eliminated midway through and Mojo ended up winning. Last year he got to do the tag title thing, but that led no where...then he had the whole year of running wild over Roman and standing up to Brock and then come Mania...he gets SNL guys? Come on.


I hate Ricochet/Black being lumped together, but hopefully now that they haven't won any tag titles and we probably have a superstar shake up coming, they can split them up and start properly booking them as singles.


That Elias concert was awesome, and Cena's throwback was even more awesome. For a second when that baseball montage started and it began by saying Chicago, I was like "NO WAY IS IT CM PUNK?" but then it went into the Yankees and Babe Ruth and I was like "Oh John Cena, brilliant"


Miz and Shane was ok. I admit they got me with Miz's dad protecting his son and taking shots for him followed by Miz going crazy. Interesting finish, not sure where this leaves Miz honestly. A few months ago, I was saying Miz should be in the main event of Mania as Heel Champion versus face Daniel Bryan to finally close that feud out, but we've gone a totally different way and with Miz as a face, I really don't know what he's gonna do right now. Maybe challenge Joe?


Kofi and Bryan was absolutely the best part of the show. Good match, awesome moment, I'm so glad he won. It's astounding to say that Kofi is the first ever full African American WWE Champion...The Rock was part black part Samoan. And even still if you want to give credit to The Rock as the first black WWE champ, the fact that there hasn't been another in between Rock to Kofi is astounding. YES I KNOW Mark Henry and Booker T won the World title during that time, but that's the World title, not the WWE title, and it was treated as the B title during their reigns (and most others for that matter)


Women's tag match was ok, surprising finish. I'm happy with Peyton and Billie being champs though.


Triple H and Batista didn't really do it for me, honestly. I didn't give a crap about their feud, it was promoted so poorly. On top of that, Triple H going so vicious actually took me OUT of the disbelief. Like I kept expecting Batista to counter when Triple H had him on the stairs outside for the first time he used pliers on Batista's fingers. I wasn't even sure what Triple H was meaning to do, cut off his fingers? Break them? The awkward stomp thing looked like he wanted to pull a Shayna Baysler but messed up. Then "pulling" the nose ring out of Batista's nose was just like, really uncomfortable. Up to that point it was basically Triple H going full-torture on Batista...then Batista finally got some offense and they took some real intense bumps but honestly, I wasn't excited for it and it didn't sound like the crowd was either. Then Triple H predictably won, saving his "in ring career". Also, did anyone else notice Batista pissed off when he got out of the car? I think they messed up the timing and Batista missed doing the machine gun thing when he wanted to do it. THEN he trips on the ropes on the way in and you can even hear Shawn on commentary say Oh dear. Poor guy. Oh and then him staring down Shawn outside the ring while his co-star has his giant double face poster, holy hell that was amazing, what a meme.


Roman and Drew went about as expected. I heard those initial boo's for Roman when his music first hit, but it felt like they stopped after that. It felt like the crowd went from "Oh shit we're so happy Roman is back and healthy yay cheer" to "Well I still don't really want to cheer him but I can't really boo a cancer survivor either so I'm gonna sort of half boo or half be quiet so that just the little kids are cheering him and they don't make enough noise". Speaking of which, they must've deliberately posted some make a wish kids by hard mics in the crowd cause you could hear 1 in particular who'd just go ROMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN - There was 1 point where the kid started screaming Roman in 1 long breath, then they did a replay before the kid stopped and started playing the kid's Roman scream again. So for a good 20 seconds, we heard "ROMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" in the background, it made me laugh so hard.


Joe/Rey was good, smart idea, let Joe dominate. When Rey is healthy, maybe give him the 1 title he never won.


Kurt/Corbin - F this whole thing.


Balor/Lashley - Weird contacts by Lashley, Demon was awesome. Good quick match, Lashley certainly got some power in there but that just added to Balor's toughness for kicking out of those spears and then dispatching of Lashley fairly quickly. Impressive powerbomb too.


Becky/Ronda/Charlotte - I dug the helicopter entrance for Charlotte, that was cool. They messed up the order of ring announcing before the match, threw the whole crowd off. The match itself was not bad, but not as intense as I had hoped for. Also as others have said, the crowd was just exhausted and they definitely came alive at parts of this, but they didn't have the energy to be wild the whole way through. The pinfall was weird at the end, and the way they brought attention to it suggests that they're gonna use it, whether it was a botch or not. I've heard it was unintentional for Ronda's shoulders to come up the way they did - Maybe we'll never know for sure, though.


Overall, I was sports entertained. Good stuff.

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Tony/Murphy was ok. Crowd didn't care at all for it, so that might be why I didn't either (which sucks because I think both guys are great). Surprised Tony won, but alright.
I thought they got better reaction than I expected, seemed a lot more than Alexander/Ali got last year.
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I didn't see their match last year so I can't say for sure. I imagine they didn't get much reaction either way though, 205 Live isn't hardly watched. Plus it doesn't help when you've got maybe half of the arena filled up and people are more concerned with finding their spots and buying stuff than with what's going on in the ring.
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