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Best TV shows of all time


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From that list? I guess I'll go with Sex in the City, though I disagree with their best episode pick. There are many fantastic episodes to choose from, but one of the best was in season 6 when Samantha Jones pretended to be Annabelle Bronstein just to access an exclusive pool. It was hilarious when she got called out on it.



@coleman is that much older guy from Lost still married to that much younger girl? I can't remember their names or I'd Google it. I've never seen the show, but I remember that controversy.

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@ShadowEdge I loved that show and I remember that episode. Nothing beat Marcus showing up in Honcho magazine as an escort and all the tiptoeing that Charlotte did around it.


I'm surprised that The Americans doesn't have a better number in their list. I loved that series, but I guess the finale could've done it in. Some fans thought it was a lazy way to end the relationships.

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I love Battlestar Galactica being so high on this list, yes it definitely deserves it. Breaking Bad is super good as well.


Doctor Who, lots of Star Trek, that's good. It's all subjective anyway.

Breaking Bad got a lot of good reviews, but I couldn't watch it past the second season. I know I will one day push myself to watch it to the end. Did any of you enjoy Bosch or Vampire Diaries?

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I've never watched Bosch or Vampire Diaries or The Wire or Black Mirror. I intend to watch The Wire someday for sure, I've heard how good it is.


Honestly I'd say just watch the first 7 seasons of US Office, then go watch the series finale. It might be a little jarring cause you're missing 2 seasons in there, but those 2 seasons were the show losing itself and finding itself again, so there's a major dip in quality for a bit there. Like, I'd say seasons 2 through 7 of the Office US are 10/10 quality most of the time, or very near it. But Season 8 is like, 5/10 and Season 9 ranges from 6/10 to 8/10 at times, with a 10/10 series finale.

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Do you (sometimes) get the feeling that we had more variety and creativity back in the day? Most TV series or movies almost follow a similar plot. Now that you've mentioned it, I also intend to watch The Wire someday. From the list, I'd choose Lost, Game Of Thrones and 24.
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