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Well, I can't base it on songwriting capabilities. Elton John composes most of his own music, but he doesn't often write the lyrics. That's usually done by Bernie Taupin. It was the same with The Who. Peter Townsend wrote most of the lyrics, not Roger Daltrey. For some reason, I tend to lump vocal ability and songwriting ability together. Because if you created the lyrics, surely you'll sing them with more emotion and it will sound better. Since that won't help here, I'm going to say that Roger Daltrey is the better vocalist by default since I've always thought of Elton John as a master pianist, rather than a talented singer. It really doesn't matter since Adele beats them both.
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Does she now? Adele? "Rolling In The Deep" Adele? She's good, no doubt, but she's not in the same league as Daltry or John. Anyone who likes Adele is good in my book though as she seems like a class act with fantastic songs. Back on topic though, Elton John had as much vocal talent as Daltry, but without that raspy edge. That, and I was always partial to Taupin's lyrics.
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I'm kinda biased to Roger, since he played Hugh Fitzcairn in the Highlander TV series... but I have to go with Elton. Anyone who can make a cynical bastard like me well up is pretty damn good. And no, it's not Candle in the Wind. Fucking Daniel though, gets me in the feels every time....
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