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I made the mistake of leaving the door open today and now my house is filled with flies. It grosses me out! I've hidden all the food and put up some fly paper. I hope to get rid of them shortly. I think flies are worse than mosquitoes. Which summer pest bugs you the most?
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So, the paper thing isn't working out. I hate the little pests, but it seems awfully barbaric to have them stuck to this paper. They keep trying to escape and save their lives. I could hear the frantic buzzing from the other room as they helplessly flapped their little wings in an effort to get free. I know that sounds silly, but I couldn't bear it. They were still alive the next day and still flapping helplessly. They were truly pitiful. Those poor flies weren't salvageable, so I put them out of their misery quickly and got rid of the paper so the others wouldn't suffer such a fate. Is there a way to trap them and get them back outside without making them suffer?
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It's funny that you should mention this, but we have a terrible problem with ticks in our garden. It's because we live near a forest where there are deer. They get into my neighbor's garden. It's the deer ticks that also like humans. What is horrible is that we have to check our 3 year old daughter every time she goes into the garden.
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