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Inspired By TENET competition: please watch my submission!


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Hmm... I like the shadow because it looks like the guy is looming over her. I think many lasses can relate to minding your own business and being interrupted by a bloke. Your film looks professionally done. May I ask what you used to make the video? It looks fantastic.
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I enjoyed that! How did you come up with the idea? Your actors did a good job. They weren't cheesy like you normally find in amateur films. I hope you win!


Thank you!! My apologies, I haven't checked this thread since the beginning of October as I got quite busy with other things!


The idea was a combination of inputs from me, my director, and my brother! Because this contest was based on Tenet, we just thought of our own ideas in a way that relates to Tenet. The man in the video is me! :D


Thank you for your wishes! Unfortunately, we did not win, but hearing positive comments like these keeps me motivated to keep going :) Thanks again!

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