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Your Top 5 Games Of All-Time

Guest DarkMatchJobber

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Guest DarkMatchJobber

I think it is safe to say that the X-Box 360,Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii have had many great games released for them since their arrivals on the console scene so I thought why not do an up-to-date top 5 games of all-time thread for you all?


My Top 5


5) Pokemon Red/Blue (Gameboy) - My favourite RPG of all-time because it was easy to get into and the difficulty increased as your ability did which meant you were very rarely going to be stuck on a particular area/trainer/gym boss for too long. Also raising your own Pokemon squad and customising their move lists and the formation of your team was a decent feature to have.


4) Metal Gear Solid (Playstation One) - Although this was re-invented for a Gamecube version called Twin Snakes with improved graphics and gameplay features introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2 it just wasn't as fun as playing the Playstation One original. Despite the sometimes frustrating gameplay it was and is a classic game because it had a brilliant story with beautiful cutscenes (admittedly they don't look as nice now) and some of the best boss characters I have ever encountered in a game ranging from the twisted genius that is Liquid Snake to the giant shaman called Vulcan Raven.


3) Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES) - I enjoyed this more when playing alongside someone else but this game was a beautiful treat to look at well before the words 'Playstation' and 'X-Box' were even conceived. 8 worlds and a simple yet charming story of trying to recover magic wands that Bowser Koopa and his kids had stolen and used to turn the kings of each world into assorted animals (the king who became a spider was my favourite).


Very good gameplay and easy to get the hang of thanks to the simple controls and handy power-ups.


2) Resident Evil 4 (PS2) - I didn't think that Resident Evil 3 could ever be topped by the boys and girls at Capcom but somehow they managed to do just that (I was wary due to the letdowns of spin-offs such as Code Veronica X,Dead Aim etc...). Excellent graphics,very good storyline and some of the best un-intentional humor I have ever come across in a game (comments from enemies that sounded like " call hitler! " and " esta...retard! ").


The ability to up-grade your weapons added incentive to re-play the game time and again.


1) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS2/X-Box) - Once again a game which I didn't think could top it's previous installment (Vice City) but managed to on every level. I still can't believe to this day how huge the game actually is and the fact that there is always something new to find in it gives it an everlasting appeal. Also the soundtrack is awesome.

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Guest MojoPogo

1. Oblivion - i've had so much play out this is simply unbelievable, there so much in it, roll on a sequel


2. Streets of Rage 2 - i think the best of the three, more levels, better graphics, Max, the only downside being that annoying gobshite Skate.


3. Final Fantasy 7 - contains probably more "Whoah" moments than any game ever, for that it deserves its place here.


4. Fallout 3 - yep, brand new, but its absolutely phenomenal. brutal, bleak, but blackly funny, and with the same level of freedom as oblivion, and a better level up and combat system, its just brilliant.


5. Suikoden 2- loads of character, huge storyline, including one of the first truly memorable betrayals in game history, and loads of minigames make it an rpg masterclass.

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1} Fallout 3, I am loving this game so much.


2} Oblivion, Fallout 3 with swords (or is fallout Oblivion with guns?


3} Singstar, ooooh so much fun. :lol


4} Final Fantasy 7, loved it loved it loved it.


5} Buzz (PS3 version), :lol is all that needs saying.

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Guest Al Stevens

Here is my top five games of all time


5. Resident Evil (Remake) Game Cube - For me loving the original Resident Evil I was at first shocked that they was going to do it, however shortly after playing the game, I knew it was the right choice because this should have been how Resident Evil on the PS1 could have been. Great moments of scares, some incredible graphics and even today the sole reason alone to get the Game Cube. It was however a shame that RE 2 and 3 was flat out ports of the PS1 games.


4. Metal Gear Solid 2. Now this might shock people at the "Game of all time" sort of thread, after all the story left some gamers completely shocked at what they played. They introduced most peoples eyes the Jar Jar Blinks of Metal Gear world. However for myself this is probably the best one of the Solid saga.


My reasons for it is because even thought the game does only touch upon the surface of the game. As much as everyone hates the massive amount of Codex scenes I the additional information kept within the codex bits far outweighed the negative sides. They also included the start of what was soon to be the staple of the MGS world, holding guards up for dogtags (which later became where you can question them for information ect). However the reason's why I enjoyed MGS2 say over 3 or rate it (just) over one of my personal pick for game of the year (MGS 4) is because this plays better than anything on the PS2.


3. Doom PC. while it wasn't the first FPS I believe if Doom helped cause the explosion for games like Half Life 2, Halo, Call of Duty and Far Cry. Also lets face it has one great gun. The BFG.


2. Silent Hill 2 PS2 and Xbox. With the success of Silent Hill one SH2 is a great game with a deeply engrossing story and everything just was perfect about that game and it's understandable why Silent Hill fans and none fans would look at that game one of the greatest of all time.


1. The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past SNES. Personally the greatest RPG ever made. It had great level designs, music which still provoke memories and feelings (even thought it was the mini sound format) boss fights which made you want to beat them and a story which should have been done as a holly wood film by now. Personally I rank this higher over any over Zelda game released and I think because it's lost not one inch of its original charm even after all this time this is truly the greatest game ever made

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5. Pokémon [insert any colour here]. Sure, it's uncool but I do love this series. It's simple and easy to get into, and it's pretty deep for what copuld be classed for a kiddie's RPG.


4. Fallout 1 & 2. I couldn't decide between the two of them, so I've had to have them both here. I haven't played alot of Fallout 3 but what I have, it seems almost like a totally differen't game. Fallout is such a great series, with some great dark humour and a 1950's retro look to it.


3. Metal Gear Solid. Still my favourite Metal Gear game, the story was amazing and the characters were unforgettable. This, to me, is not just a stealth game, it's THE stelth game.


2. DOOM. I don't really need to say much about it, though my friends say "it sucks", but they've never actually sat down and played it. A pioneer in the FPS genre, sure it wasn't the first, but it really did change the face of FPS' forever. With weapons such as the Chainsaw, Shotgun and BFG and evil demons that explode with pixelated gore, what's not to love?


1. Half-Life 2. I don't even think I need a reason for this being here.

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5. Starwars Galaxies (before sony ruined it).

4. Guild wars (A free MMORPG, great for what you pay for, but soon the people you have to team up with tend to spoil it for you).

3. Oblivion (Excellent game that let you feel you're in control, shame about the monster levelling though).

2. Final Fantasy 7 (Square are still trying to out class it in terms of game quality, though I am playing it now and the graphics look dated, the plot is the best).

1. Neverwinter nights (I played it for 4 years).

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Guest The Beltster

5. Oblivion - Huge game, tons of things to do, loved the way it played.


4. WWF No Mercy - Known as the best wrestling game ever to many. I'd love a game with TNA's graphics to have this control engine.


3. BioShock - I've played through it like 10 times and still love it. Cant wait for the sequel!


2. Resident Evil 4 - Amazing.


1. WWF Superstars - I spent so much money on this game back in 88 - 90 in the arcade, easily my favourite game of all time. Limited, looks ancient and so on, but its still tons of fun. Loved it then, love it now.


Tons of great games over the years should be mentioned though, Mario's, Final Fantasy's etc. Hard to choose 5.

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Guest Jayfunk

1) FF7: simply the best RPG of all time.

2) PES: the best footie series i have played, so much like more like the real thing unlike the cartoonly FIFA.

3) Silent Hill 1 and 2: my favourite surival horror games by a mile.

4) Metal Gear solid 1 and 2: loved these games.

5) Smackdown 1 and 2: The best of the series


Honourable mention: Command and Conquer series

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1. Streets of Rage

[YOUTUBE]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="

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The single greatest game of all time ever. A simplistic yet brilliant control scheme (so many different moves for one button), the Special A Button move was better than the ones that replaced it in 2 and 3, and it had the best 3 characters. I've played this game over and over and over, and I can still happily play it for hours now. No game has ever matched this, likely no game ever will.


2. WWF No Mercy

[YOUTUBE]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7PKORFnRHQ&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7PKORFnRHQ&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]


It is as they all say, the best wrestling game of all time ever. Smackdown has never rivalled it, nor has any other wrestling game, although Def Jam Vendetta and WWE Day of Reckoning 2 have come mightily close. The control system was amazing with light and strong grapples. The only gripe was the TNA iMPACT style entrances with just the start of them. Still playable today and very customisable. One of the biggest hits in emulators and Modded ROMs on the net with TNA and RoH mods around. I hope the rumours of an updated No Mercy available for Wii online are true.


3. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

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type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]


Quite frankly the epitome of Sonic The Hedgehog. Everything was just so perfect. It was brilliant from start to finish. I remember spending 8 hours one Saturday at my Grandads house playing it from start to finish eating only Beef and Onion crisps. The multiplayer poos all over Sonic 3's weak effort too. No Sonic game has topped it, and I very much doubt the new game will either.


4. Mario Kart (SNES)

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type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]


Mario Kart had arrived. I went to my cousins and we played it nonstop. Damn I wish he still had his SNES or I had one. It was amazing. The best cart game ever, and still highly fun to play now. MKWii is good fun, but still not as great as the original, but then what is?


5. Killer Instinct

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A forgotten classic. Better than Street Fighter, better than Mortal Kombat, better than anyother fighting game made. MK Armageddon is awesome, but Killer Instinct was just something else. Cinder, Glacius and Spinal were all awesomely brilliant.

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My top five are:


1. Twisted Metal Black - One of the only driving games I like. I put on god mode and turn it into a demolition derby.


2. Pikmin 1 & 2 - Love both of them equally.


3. Doom - One of the first ones I played. Got hooked on it.


4. Mario Party - Doesn't matter which one. Like them all.


5. Godzilla Save the Earth - Any game that has Godzilla stomping cities is good in my book.

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1. Star Craft - PC - Played this for 6 years at uni it was brilliant.


2 - Elite - Acorn computer - I was a kid i loved the game and thought it was magic.


3. Pac-man - PC The first game I pplayed ever just great.


4. 1080 Snowboarding gamescube - Love this game so adictive


5. Lemmings - PC I got so adicted to this playing it first on my Acorn/ Mac computer in 1986

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5. Metal Gear Solid 3


Hugely underrated part of the series. Brilliant story and most definitely the best twist ending in the entire series (Yes that includes MGS4's ending!)


4. Metal Gear Solid


Benchmark of the Playstation alongside games like FF7. Lots of fun when you were younger and even more fun now knowing the back-story to it all.


3. Metal Gear Solid 2


Probably the first mega game of the PS2 and the story with the most depth in regards to the series. Raiden gets shit on by a lot of nerds but the guy is the perfect dude in this scenario and in the end turns out to be rather dark despite his wholesome behavior.


2. Metal Gear Solid 4


Again to me the benchmark and still the best game for the PS3 going. Awesome graphics, amazing score, great characters, great story and a fitting ending. Snake you have earned your rest my good friend.


1. Final Fantasy VII


Already folks have mentioned why this is one of the best games of all time. Alot of people like to slag it off just to buck the trend but the truth is, it's story is unforgettable. Best love story I've ever seen displayed through a game and when one of the people is dead you know it has be powerful!


Special Mentions to Half Life 2, Portal, Silent Hill 1 & 2 and BioShock.

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Guest Peter K

It's very difficult to give positions to games but I'll try in no particular order - the games I've REALLY loved through the years. So with that being said, off we go!


5) Shenmue - Dreamcast - Amazing, the stuff you could do in the game world was incredible and a story which kept me hooked through start & finish. Back then it was revolutionary and sadly it hasn't catched on due to the fact that the DC wasn't really around for long before SEGA threw in the towel. The Dreamcast was one of my favourite consoles, so many good memories.


4) World Grand Prix - N64 - Outside of football, video games & wrestling, motorsports is my passion, been since I was a kid and when I first got my hands on WGP I was blown away, a F1 game which could easily be re-played again over and over, so simple yet so addictive. No F1 game since then has matched WGP. Wishes every IndyCar Series & NASCAR games was like this!


3) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (the series) - X-Box - Used to be a huge Star Wars fan (until I discovered Battlestar Galactica) and totally loved the create-a-Jedi and explore various worlds and interacting with people & the weird and wonderful characters. I wish Obidisan/BioWare would release a new game for the current consoles!


2) AKI's wrestling games on the N64 - the best has to be WWF No Mercy. Simple controls and addicting gameplay makes this a winner from the early WCW games to the WWF games until Yukes took over.


1) Goldeneye 007 - N64 - Before playing that game, I was a fair-weather fan, just playing the Mario series on the NES/SNES and that was it until Goldeneye came along. Since then I've been hooked to video games. Even when you complete the story, there was plently to keep coming back.


Special mentions must go out to the GTA series, Mario games and Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, WWF Attitude and UEFA Soccer on the PSOne & Dreamcast which was produced by the defunct Rage company. That game had countless glitches & problems but man, it was a blast to play!

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5. Final Fantasy 12 - This one is one of my favorites, because I like the new battle system, and it is a very good game.


4. Final Fantasy VI - Hands down, the best 2D Final Fantasy ever made.


3. Final Fantasy IX - I love how they used ideas from the older 2D games in this one.


2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - My all-time favorite of the GTA series, it has to be one of the most fun games I've ever played.


1. Final Fantasy VII - The best game ever, enough said.


Runners Up: Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Trigger, Disgaea 2, GTA 2, Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Crash Bandicoot Series, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, Tekken Series, Art of Fighting Series, Metal Slug Series, Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter Series, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, Virtual On, Virtua Fighter 1+2, and many many more. :)



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Guest Evil Monkey

I'm not going to give reasons, because I think most are self explanatory, but in no particular order:

Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES)

Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Tomb Raider 1 (PS1)

Bioshock (xbox360)

Resident Evil 4 (PS2)


I will probably want to change the list as soon as I post it, but hey, its there or there about!

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