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WWE Fastlane 2019 predictions now open


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Fastlane is the third PPV of season 7 of our WWE Prediction League. This is the best time to enter!


You have the opportunity to win £20 at the very least! Check out how you can win more on the Predictions Page.




1) Register on the Talk Whatever Online Forums if you are not a member already.


2) Login to the Talk Whatever Online Forums (you must be logged in here before you can try and login to the Prediction League User Control Panel).


3) Go to the Prediction League User Control Panel, and login using the same username and password you use for the TWO Forums.


4) Click the “Make your Predictions” link, and make your selection. If you miss any questions your predictions will NOT be saved.


Please share the game with any friends that may be interested!

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So no title changes then :p


I voided 2 questions due to the match changes - the Daniel Bryan/Kevin Owens match and the Rey Mysterio/Andrade match.


Leaderboard has been updated HERE


If you want to compare the results against your own picks, go to Events > WWE Fastlane 2019


If you want to check each PPV separately, go to Leaderboards > Event Leaderboards


@Kieranshakespeare93 just took the top spot :info7: Although I'm only 5 points behind! It's very close at the top - will be all to play for with WrestleMania!


Well done to [uSER=31210]@Zack T [/uSER] who came #1 in the Fastlane predictions :thumbup2:

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