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Most Love, You Hate


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Things that most people love, but you absolutely hate (or at least don't get the fuss). What would make your list?



-pub quizzes (fun at first, but got old quickly)

-Elton John (bit boring)

-Prince William

- brow lamination

-true-crime podcasts

-John Cena

-The Rock (though I do go back and forth with that one)

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Photos. This one is hard because it seems baked into our social landscape thanks to smartphones. I love hanging out with friends and colleagues, but I'm a private person, and I don't want my photo taken. I don't want photos taken of anything I own, including my pets. My home, car, and yard can't be the backdrop for your selfie either. People are judgmental and employers look at that stuff; I don't do social media for a reason.


I no longer enjoy looking at photos of others either. It's mostly lies. Look, Carly, I know you hate your husband and are having an affair, so your "date night" photo is ridiculous.


- Celine Dion

Yes! I don't get the surrounding hype about her at all!

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1. Social Gatherings. I have social anxiety.

2. Elton John. Wore out his welcome.

3. Main stream news. Judging from the fact that everyone talks about it.

4. Politics. See 3.

5. Green Beans. Sauteed with butter and garlic, I could eat them all day long.

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I don't mind social gatherings at all, but it gets weird when photos start getting snapped. I have never understood why people fancy sharing their photos online, even with the debate around data breaches in social media sites.
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Wow, this is a tough one. I love looking at people's photos!


1. The news! The news is the news, everyone broadcasts a different side.

2. Election year... all the negative politics drive me crazy.

3. Crab legs... ha ha.. so many people love all you can eat crab legs, I think it taste dirty!

4. Fake friends... so many people have a lot of friends (many fake). I like that I have a few close friends.


That's it, I try to stay positive!

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