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Ask TWO Your Wrestling Related Question 2014

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I don't know if this will work or not, but seeing Shaun's question in the Pictures Thread got me thinking, maybe we should have a place where you folks can ask any wrestling questions you may have, and see if one of the folks on here can help you out (I hear Denton's particularly good at anything WWE related after 1998 :P ). I thought it might be a bit more fun and cause a bit more discussion than just being boring and googling everything.


So, let's get this show on the road, here's Shaun with our first question:


Also, can someone tell me when this John Cena face happened? If it's even real at all, his wrinkles seem to disappear.



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Guest John Hancock



Not sure exactly what it's from, but the red ropes date it, RAW's ropes have been white for a while.


How big is Batista's dick?


Do you think I'm even going to f*ck around?


Batista's American, of Greek and Filipino origin. According to research by the website Everyoneweb.com, which collects medical data on penis size from around the world, the Philippines have a national average of 9.5 to 11.5 cm. Greece is 13.5 to 15, and the USA is 11.5 to 13.5. So, if we take the Filipino average as 10.5, the Greek average as 14.25, and the American average as 12.5, then we can assume the average Greek-Filipino-American would have a penis size of roughly 12.5 cm, which almost dead on five inches.


As for first-person evidence, X-Pac identified it as "not huge", saying he would have heard about it if it was, because wrestlers with large penises quickly become notorious throughout the industry. He specifically mentioned Virgil and Lenny Poffo as being notoriously large-penised wrestlers. The Iron Sheik claimed the answer to be ten inches, but has since been proven unreliably on matters of penis size.


The true answer may be disappointing.



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Guest John Hancock
What did Randy Savage really do the McMahon's?


You can't slander the dead, right? Good.


The story is that, in 1993, Randy Savage had sex with Stephanie McMahon when she was 17 during a European tour. Controversially, when directly asked, Savage didn't deny that it happened, although he didn't completely confirm it either, he just said he'd like to talk about with the WWE rather than them ignoring him. There's a bunch of wrestlers, wrestling journalists and WWE writers and back-room staff who are convinced it happened. Dave Meltzer has said it's the only suggestion for why Vince hates Savage that really holds up as possible.


The evidence for that exact story is mixed, but it's all but confirmed that something really big, and really bad happened. "Big Dick" Johnson, the fat guy who used to dance around, was a writer with the WWE, and he's since said that Savage's name was the only one that he'd ever heard said that made Vince McMahon sad. Not angry, loads of people make him angry, but genuinely sad. He also confirmed that it was an unwritten rule, at least before his death, that he couldn't be mentioned in Titan Towers, although no one was ever told exactly why.

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Why was Mr Kennedy/Ken Anderson released from WWE??


Deemed unsafe/irresponsible. Injury prone, and he dropped Randy Orton on his shoulder doing a regular belly to back suplex. Also, I'm sure the debacle with him saying "I don't do steroids" to a UK Newspaper, then being shown to have done steroids 2 weeks later did him no favours either


EDIT: Inb4CtK (Also, he didn't injure Orton. He just dumped him on his shoulder, which didn't actually cause an injury but pissed Orton off because Orton has had a history of shoulder injuries.)

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Or for a serious answer, the best I can pin it down to from the green Cenation armband and the red ropes, would be Raw sometime during 2009. So it's either got to be from his mini feud with the Miz, or him getting involved with Orton and Legacy, I would imagine.


Couldn't tell exactly which show or the surrounding circumstances though.

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