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I hate cleaning


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Hire a cleaner; it's worth every penny. The lady that does my place is fab.


@Dust and Rust, that sounds like an invasion. Have you thought about getting a cat? I wonder how they're getting into your home? My parents used to have a summer cottage near the forest and they often had trouble with mice. It turned out that the mice were getting in through a tiny hole that my dad hadn't found. Those buggers can fit through tiny spaces.

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I guess no one really likes cleaning haha. I always have my stuff here and there and just couldn’t figure out a way to get organised. So when it comes to cleaning, it’s a very annoying task but I often found something that I was searching for previously.
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Ugh Mice. Mice have found their way into my house too. Not sure how many, I've only ever seen 1 at a time and only 3 separate occasions have I ever even actually seen a mouse. Pretty sporadically too. At least they're good at staying out of sight and out of mind. My ex wife and my girlfriend are both dealing with mice too. My ex wife's apartment occasionally gets 1 or 2 sometimes, my girlfriend had a full on family move in. Caught several mice via traps or her dog too.


I don't particularly enjoy cleaning, but I also keep myself in a few light housekeeping habits that make a good bit of difference. I make my bed every morning (Nothing fancy, I just mean pulling the blanket back up so it looks fairly decent), I wash dishes either immediately after using them or within a couple hours, I do laundry every week, and clean my bong every week. I should sweep more, I'm bad about that. I have all hardwood floors. But it also doesn't get bad enough to make me do it often.


Just light maintenance like that for a couple minutes at a time here and there does help make it real easy overall.

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Just light maintenance like that for a couple minutes at a time here and there does help make it real easy overall.

That's my philosophy too. Just spending a few minutes a day tidying up during small breaks makes a world of difference. Then I'm not stuck cleaning a huge mess at the weekend. I share a tiny London flat and we donated a bunch of stuff that was good, but we hardly ever used. The flat looks much better and is easier to clean just from doing that.

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